E-commerce accounts for over a third of total retail sales

According to Optiseller, e-commerce accounted for more than one-third of total retail revenue in 2020 as the ongoing Covid-19 crisis changed the way consumers buy goods and services.

According to the company, the use of AI support has expanded, mobile phone shopping will increase significantly next year, and the online shopping boom will continue for some time.

“The Covid-19 pandemic will affect every aspect of our lives during 2020, and e-commerce is no exception,” said Richard Falconer, Chief Operating Officer of Optiseller.

“Some estimates show that daily global online shopping is up 66%. In the UK alone, e-commerce will account for more than one-third of total retail sales in 2020,” he says. ..

Consumer behavior has undergone major changes in e-commerce, according to Falconer.

“The closure of High Street has accelerated online shopping due to blockades around the world. People who have never bought online have been forced to venture online,” he says.

“A Black Friday analysis reveals that the types of products purchased online are shaped by a pandemic. Smart clothes and dresses come out, slippers, comfortable clothes, and game consoles. “He adds.

“Outdoor household items such as barbecues, fire pits, patio heaters and furniture are also doing very well, forcing people to stay at home, while people are increasing their disposable income due to savings in commuting costs and more. Others are nervous about their employment security, “Falconer explains.

“It’s important for sellers to properly optimize their data for markets where item details are critical to visibility on the platform, such as eBay,” he says.

“Filters are very important in all markets because people don’t want to waste time looking for products. Shoppers literally demand results in seconds and use filters to drill down into specific options. I am. “

Falconer says it depends heavily on the success of the vaccine and its pandemic and economic implications.

“But as people’s shopping habits change irreversibly, we anticipate that the online boom will continue, and we’re looking to expand the use of AI assistance, improve site search, personalize the shopping experience, and mobile phone shopping. A big shift is also expected. “He says.

Optiseller is an e-commerce data platform for over 35,000 online retailers in more than 40 countries.

E-commerce accounts for over a third of total retail sales Source link E-commerce accounts for over a third of total retail sales

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