Dustin Diamond hospitalised with suspected cancer

Dustin Diamond, who played Screech at Saved by the Bell, is hospitalized and may be fighting cancer.

Dustin Diamond, who played Creech at Saved By The Bell, was hospitalized.

The star is likely to be fighting cancer, TMZ reports.

A source from the Diamond team told the publication that the star was hospitalized in Florida last weekend after he felt general pain and “general anxiety.”

Doctors have done tests and biopsies to figure out what’s wrong, but his medical team is concerned that the diagnosis is cancer.

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The Diamond family is known to have a history of their mother’s death from breast cancer, but it’s unclear what kind of cancer the actor could have.

Diamonds are famous for playing screech in the four seasons Saved by the bell..

The star was significantly missing from the reboot that premiered in 2020. This is probably due to his complex history at the show.

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Most Bell The cast continues to have successful careers like Mario Lopez and Mark Paul Gosseller, Diamond isn’t having an easy time.

He released a sex tape (later revealed that he wasn’t really him) and a book depicting an unpleasant portrait of his colleague he also stepped on the back pedal.

Talk to Oprah Where are they now? In 2013, when he finished his role as a screech at the age of 23, he said he “feels lost.”

“I felt like I had won it, so I just wanted a year or two of vacation for myself,” Diamond said.

Three years later, in 2009, Diamond released a complete book about what really happened behind the scenes. Saved by the bell..

novel, Behind the bell, Caused controversy when it revealed that the young cast was tampering with drugs and sex, but Diamond claims he wrote few of them.

“Because I was the first writer, they had a ghostwriter,” Diamond said.

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“I talked to the guy a few times, so the book had some truth, and many stories were just disposable. I thought I’d get a copy to proofread … and the copy I was sent and said, “This is the end.” “

The most disturbing allegations on the finished product page were that Mario Lopez date-raped a woman and that the US network NBC paid her to be quiet.

Naturally, the former of diamonds Saved by the bell The co-star was not excited about the claim.

Dustin Diamond hospitalised with suspected cancer Source link Dustin Diamond hospitalised with suspected cancer

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