Duncan Lay: No pressure, but it’s up to Australia to save cinemas

America respects our money as much as it does. Australia’s box office may be the difference between returning to a relatively normal state and doing more streaming, Duncan Lay writes.

Well, it seems that it is up to us to save the movie theaters in Australia.

For movie fans, it was an incredibly frustrating 18 months.

When our cinema was open, the United States was closed and rarely released. Then the United States reopened and new movies began to play, but we were blocked.

In the process, we’ve seen production companies such as Warner Bros. and Disney shift their focus to streaming.

This narrowed down the movie to two different money-making phases: movie release and home release.

So many people watch a movie in the cinema and then re-watch the movie on DVD or Blu-ray if they want to digitally download, stream, or go to a really old school at home, no more double dipping.

A simultaneous streaming release means that you’re less likely to have a double dip than if you invited a pack of cough medicine baxers on a fondue night.

This means that Black Widow failed to reach $ 200 million in its home country. This is a bad result for Marvel movies.

Warner Bros. Pictures, which publishes all movies on HBO Max at the same time as the cinema, basically sees all show tanks at the US box office.

There is hope from the United States.

The first so-called Phase Former Bell films, Shang-Chi and Tenling, are expected to be the first post-pandemic films to overcome the $ 200 million barrier.

Currently, House of Mouse has agreed to release all of the remaining 2021 movies in the cinema first.

Meanwhile, Sony has seen people trying to convince people to have a Venom 2: Let There Began in the cinema, claiming it’s the only way to see the “shocking” end-credits scene. ..

But of course, the content of this end-credit scene is on the internet and is as thrilling as buying socks on Father’s Day.

Spoiler warning! I won’t reveal it completely, but let’s say a character can appear just a few characters away from Rider Nan.

Anyway, it doesn’t hide the fact that only a small part of America has returned to the cinema.

The main reason is that the vaccination rate is only about 60% and people naturally want to order a jumbo bucket of rat droppings from a candy bar rather than sitting next to an anti-bucket with Covid oozing out of all pores. Because. But we can make a difference.

I’m certainly planning to explode from the block to the cinema as soon as possible.

In addition to the movies above, you should watch Dune, Eternals, No Time to Die, Spider-Man: Noway Home, The Matrix Resurrection.

America respects our money as much as it does. Our box office revenue may be the difference between a return to relative normality and more streaming.

Besides, it will take us out of the house.

And after being trapped for nearly four months, it’s a bigger treat than the chocolate tops that have been suffering in cinema freezers since 2019.

at first Duncan Lay: No pressure, but it’s up to Australia to save the cinema

Duncan Lay: No pressure, but it’s up to Australia to save cinemas Source link Duncan Lay: No pressure, but it’s up to Australia to save cinemas

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