Duncan Lay: Golden Globes should have been cancelled years ago

Stars such as Tom Cruise have returned the Golden Globe Awards after the Hollywood Awards event was “cancelled.” Duncan Lay writes that they should have done it a few years ago.

So the Golden Globe Awards seem to be complete, and Hollywood stars want to get a goody bag filled with cat vomit rather than one of the sophisticated statues.

Yes, the award, which is considered an Oscar curtain razor and is in many ways second only to Oscar, has major problems.

After a series of harmful articles about how the jury was white and male, how they sexually harassed different stars, and how enthusiastic they accepted the “gifts” from the studio, American TV will not air it next year.

Stars such as Tom Cruise have also returned Golden Globe Awards.

I’m not wondering how this cancels the crazy culture. It sounds like it should have been done years ago. In fact, Hollywood was basically acting as an enabler for the now despised Hollywood Foreign Press Association. It’s been around for 78 years, so this isn’t a surprise to the film industry.

Let’s face it. For a group of people who are not shy to tell us what to think when they are on the podium with these awards, the actors do not seem to be very involved in gray matter.

So it was little secret that the HFPA was an overwhelmingly older white man. What did they think all the female and black members were shy and liked to stay in the back room while everything was happening?

It’s like Seth Rogen, who announced this week that he would never work with his ex-best friend James Franco.

This comes after years of the story of Franco preying on women. He settled the proceedings in 2018, almost three years ago. Logen joked about it at the 2014 Saturday Night Live.

7 years ago!

Perhaps I’m strict and he likes to carefully consider these issues before doing anything. After all, I thought the movie “This is the End,” in which Rogen and Franco played a version of their rich, sex-obsessed dislike, was just a joke.

But given that it’s an important element of many films, it’s only natural for actors to ignore Bleeding Obvious.

Is the power off and the serial killer loose? Well, obviously, it’s best to explore the scariest places individually.

Also, when I was watching the trailer for Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, I remembered the principle of ignoring bleeding. It will be released briefly in the movie before it hits Netflix next week.

This is a zombie robbery movie in which the crew of Dave Bautista and Misfitz try to steal $ 200 million from the zombie-infested Las Vegas before the US government turns the site into a nuclear weapon.

The trailer looks great, but the overall premise is crazy. I love the idea of ​​leaving for millions of dollars, but if someone says there are about 10,000 angry zombies out there that need to be completed in a few hours before the nuclear weapons land, I’m You must pass.

But if all the characters say “it’s a difficult” no “for me,” obviously it would ruin the whole movie.

They have to ignore Bleeding Obvious — most of them will end up with zombie chewing toys.

But if you want to be realistic, there are post-credit scenes where survivors submit some protest that the hordes of zombies aren’t diverse enough and the whole movie is age-discriminatory.

Where was the old fat one? Those zombies seemed too young to fit.


Duncan Lay: Golden Globes should have been cancelled years ago Source link Duncan Lay: Golden Globes should have been cancelled years ago

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