Dubious In-Game Management Main Culprit In Man United’s Loss To Young Boys

Suspicious in-game management is at the heart of Manchester United’s disastrous Champions League opening match against the Young Boys in Bern, Switzerland.

Red Devil’s fans are crazy about what was supposed to be a winning match against the Young Boys.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s opening goal in the 13th minute seemed to indicate that Old Trafford had more goals.

Manchester United suffered a disaster shortly after being handed a bright red card after Aaron Wan Bisaka’s terrible challenge in the 35th minute.

Instead of putting 10 guys on the field and putting pressure on the Young Boys, Red Devil’s manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer mysteriously switched to five defensive lines to make up for Wanbisaka’s defeat. rice field.

The Young Boys were able to blindside Raphael Varane when Moumi Ngamaleu scored an equalizer in the 66th minute.

A careless backpass by Jesse Lingard, who got off the bench later in the regulation downtime, was favored by Jordan Siebacheu and led to the Young Boys winner.

After the match Solskger was forced to defend his tactics..

The signs were there [the] For the last five minutes of the first half, there was a cross in the box. “

However, the Norwegian manager praised the defensive leader and acknowledged his shortcomings.

“Raphael [Varane], Victor [Lindelof] And Harry [Maguire] I dealt with it well. That was the best way to control them (Young Boys), but I should have done more with the ball. “

Team captain Harry Maguire also came to defend the manager in a post-match interview.

“I think most of their chances came in the second half of the first half when we were playing back four. We really couldn’t stop the cross and the number of bodies they were in was enough to fill the box. I couldn’t protect it. I threw it forward into the box, “Magwire said.

“And in the second half, it seemed to be controlled without the ball without threatening the counterattack. I could do more with the ball, but without the ball they actually I didn’t create it. It’s a big chance. “

Manchester United have the ability to form the best teams in a few years and challenge the Champions League title, but this defeat to the Young Boys has had a very negative impact on Solskger’s coaching.

To satisfy critics and disappointed fans as well, they need to bounce back and win the next Champions League match with Villarreal at Old Trafford on September 30th.

Manchester United referee Aaron Wan Bisaka awards red card during the BSC Young Boys and Manchester United UEFA Champions League Group F match at Stud de Swissdorf on September 14, 2021 in Bern, Switzerland. increase.
Photo: Photo by Matthias Hangst / Getty Images

Dubious In-Game Management Main Culprit In Man United’s Loss To Young Boys Source link Dubious In-Game Management Main Culprit In Man United’s Loss To Young Boys

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