DoorDash Accuses NYC Of Endangering Customers’ Personal Data With New Law

The door dash of a food delivery company Proceedings Wednesday over a new data-sharing method for New York City to endanger customer’s personal data. The new law was passed by the city council on August 29 over the protests of DoorDash and the local chamber of commerce, which are concerned about the impact of the law on business.

under New lawOther food delivery apps, such as DoorDash and GrubHub, need to share data with restaurants that work with customers. This data includes information such as name, phone number, email address, shipping address, order details, and restaurants are allowed to retain this information. The Delivery Services app is prohibited from imposing restrictions on affiliated restaurants regarding the use of this data.

DoorDash said in a proceeding that it had “no choice” but pursued the issue in court after a failed effort to persuade the council to take the concerns of business and privacy advocates seriously. bottom. The company warns that the customer data received is at risk of being compromised because the bill does not require restaurants that receive customer information to implement data security requirements. This claims to undermine the position of trust with the customer.

“City Council legislation, NYCInt. No. 2311-A not only destroys its trust by forcing distribution platforms to disclose sensitive personal customer data to restaurants without the protection of that data, but also the name, It opens the door to sensitive information such as email addresses and home addresses. How poorly drafted the bill could misuse phone numbers, spam them, and make them available unprotected, “said Doordash. He said at a press conference that announced the lawsuit.

Going further, DoorDash warns that a vulnerable community of data, including people of color and LGBT customers, will be directly at risk. DoorDash participated in opposition to council law by the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Haiti American Caucus And that New York Hispanic Chamber of Commerce For this reason, above all.

Although local law may not allow DoorDash and delivery service providers to impose restrictions on the use of customer data by restaurants, Ban The establishment prohibits selling, renting, or disclosing information without the express consent of the customer. Customers can also revoke their consent to use their information to request deletion of their information.

DoorDash’s proceedings over data security law are the second proceedings against New York City in recent months. The trio, joined by GrubHub and UberEats, has sued the city after another law was passed that limits the charges that can be charged to restaurants for delivery, advertising, and credit card processing. DoorDash has accused the measure of being “unnecessary and unconstitutional.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio is currently within 30 days Sign the bill If he enacts the law, the bill will come into full force in 120 days.

DoorDash Accuses NYC Of Endangering Customers’ Personal Data With New Law Source link DoorDash Accuses NYC Of Endangering Customers’ Personal Data With New Law

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