Donald Trump Set To Be Impeached For Second Time

Washington-A majority of US House of Representatives voted for President Donald Trump for the second impeachment.

The impeachment article accuses Trump of “rioting incitement.” This is a single article narrowly drafted by Democrats David Siciline and Jamie Raskin, who were blocked during the riots at the US Capitol last week.

The purpose of such a targeted impeachment resolution was to avoid the need for drawn hearings and witness testimony. Siciline told reporters Wednesday morning that he had drafted a “very concrete” bill.

“There is overwhelming evidence of the president’s agitation,” he said.

When a mob raided the Capitol building shortly after a speech from Trump himself telling his supporters that the 2020 elections had been stolen, the House of Representatives witnessed the agitation and its consequences with his own eyes. Five people were killed as a result of the attack, including a police officer in the Capitol. That evidence was enough to say that most members of the House of Representatives should impeach the president (already considered too dangerous for Twitter accounts) again.

However, Trump’s support for the Republican Party remains strong. The Republican-controlled Senate does not intend to allow impeachment trials promptly. And even after he launched a violent and deadly attack on the Capitol, many Republicans were still standing by the president, including those who themselves were the targets of the violence. ..

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President Donald Trump descends the stairs before a speech on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 in Alamo, Texas, near part of the US-Mexico border wall. (Monitor via Delcia Lopez / AP)

On the floor of the House of Representatives before the vote, Republicans repeatedly made excuses for the president. Jim Jordan, Ohio, a Republican member of the Judiciary Committee, rejected the president’s words asking supporters to march at the Houses of Parliament after a failed “cultural cancellation.”

California Republican Tom McClintock said the attack on the Capitol might never have happened. [Black Lives Matter] And anti-Farioters from all over the country who have the same determination for the past 6 months. “

And Kevin McCarthy, the House of Representatives majority secretary, said the vote for impeachment “divided the country further.”

“It would be a mistake to impeach the president in such a short time frame,” he said. “The investigation has not been completed and no hearings have been held. The Senate has confirmed that the trial will not begin until President Biden takes office.”

McCarthyism actually admitted that the president was responsible for the attack on the Capitol. He said there was “no evidence” that Antifa had joined the riots. He suggested that he could have supported the establishment of a bipartisan committee to investigate the riots and a resolution condemning the president.

A smaller percentage of Republicans defeated Trump. Most notably, a third Republican member of the House of Representatives, Liz Cheney of Wyoming, said in a statement Tuesday night that the attack would not have occurred without the president, and he immediately and to stop the violence. He said he was able to intervene powerfully. “He didn’t,” Cheney said.

“There has never been any more betrayal by the US President’s oath to his office and constitution,” she continued, promising to vote for impeachment.

It is generally accepted by Democrats and Republicans that Trump did not do enough to stop the attack on the Capitol, and that he did not do enough in time. I will. But the Democrats believe it is far more advanced.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Trump is “a clear and present danger to the state.”

“The President of the United States has instigated this rebellion, this armed rebellion, against our common nation,” she said. “He has to go.”

Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff called the attack “the most dangerous moment for our democracy in the first century.”

And justice chairman Jerry Nadler supports the president spending months spreading lies about fraudulent elections and accepting the outcome of the election poses a “freely existential threat with their families.” He said he was convinced.

He also mentioned what Trump said in his rally speech on January 6, the day of the attack.

“If you don’t fight like hell, you won’t have a country anymore,” Trump said.

“We will stop stealing,” Trump said.

“We never give up. We never give up. It never happens,” Trump said.

“We’re going to walk to the MPs and cheer for brave senators, members of the House and women, and probably not so much for some of them,” Trump said. ..

However, it is unlikely that Trump will be removed by noon on January 20, when Biden takes office.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell has informed the Senate Democrats that he does not agree to convene an emergency session to consider impeachment. This means that this process is likely to be dragged into the early days of the Biden administration and prevent the Senate from confirming the Biden Cabinet in a timely manner.

However, there are some doubts about where McConnell stands in the impeachment resolution. McConnell is “satisfied” with Democrats impeaching Trump, according to a New York Times report on Tuesday.

McConnell sent a note to the Republican Senator on Wednesday: “The media is speculative, but I haven’t made a final decision on how to vote. [on impeachment charges], And I will listen to legal debates when they are submitted to the Senate. “

If the Senate actually convicted Trump, the impeachment law would include disqualification from further duties. This could remove Trump from the Republican key territory in 2024 and allow the Republican to turn the president’s page.

But if Wednesday is any sign, Trump’s sway from the Republicans will be a long and difficult battle.

Republicans are still seeking floortime to break records in favor of Trump, speaking of “loser misery” and “double standards”, and many other lean meat and cultural war complaints. Did.

In fact, due to increasing security threats, the house has installed metal detectors outside the floor. However, dozens of Republicans refused to actually pass through the magnetometer. Or you just blew it through the police and activated the magnetometer.

Republicans have taught Trump, aggression, and aggression lessons. He remains the center of their party, with a second impeachment asterisk next to his name.

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