Donald Trump: Mob lawyer Mark Pomerantz hired to investigate former president

He has already helped defeat the infamous gangster John Gotti – and now a powerful legal figure is coming after the former US president.

Donald Trump may have passed his second impeachment trial, but he still faces an impending legal nightmare about his vague commerce.

The 74-year-old made a headline after the headline after a spectacular defeat in the election and refused to accept it, and his role in instigating the shocking Parliamentary riot on January 6 It continued. Currently, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance is quietly stepping up his investigation into the former president’s financial problems.

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However, the investigation seems to have improved further after the appointment of prominent mob lawyer Mark Pomeranz.

He is the man who helped defeat the former Gambino family chief, gangster John Gotti and other mobs.

Mr. Pomeranz’s appointment was first reported New York TimesThe investigation focused on “potential tax and banking fraud, including whether the Trump organization misunderstood the lender or local tax authorities about the value of his property for loan and tax benefits.” In a publication that explains that.

This appointment is interpreted as a blow to the former president, Vanity fair He describes it as “probably a sign of a problem,” especially given that Pomeranz has already talked to Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The district attorney’s office remains silent about the investigation, but court filings reveal that it is focused on “probably widespread and protracted criminal activity” in the Trump organization.

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Investigate tampering with records, insurance, and suspected tax evasion.

Another civil investigation, led by New York State Attorney General Letitia James, is also investigating allegations that Mr. Trump may have falsely reported asset value.

Mr. Trump named the investigation “witch hunting” and is currently living after the White House, he Keynote Speaker of the Conservative Political Activities Council February 28th in Orlando, Florida.

This will be his first public move in 2021 after surviving his second impeachment trial.

The man who defeated the mafia boss

Pomeranz, 69, has been in the spotlight for decades after prosecuting former Gambino family boss John Angelo “Junior” Gotti along with other organized criminals in the 1990s.

John A. Gotti became the head of a criminal family in 1992 after his father, John J. Gotti, was sent to jail, but ended his sentence in 1999 for assault.

“We have dealt with key issues and internal investigations related to all aspects of corporate fraud, including securities and bank fraud, postal fraud, and wire fraud,” said Pomerants, who is currently on private practice and on leave. I am.Include The site of the University of Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump: Mob lawyer Mark Pomerantz hired to investigate former president Source link Donald Trump: Mob lawyer Mark Pomerantz hired to investigate former president

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