Donald Trump becomes first US President to be impeached twice after inciting violence on the Capitol

Donald Trump became the only US president to be impeached twice after the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives voted 232 to 197 in favor of the resolution.

Ten Republican representatives joined the Democratic Party and supported the second impeachment a week after President Trump instigated a deadly attack by supporters in the Capitol building.

Shortly after the Republican president made an incendiary speech to thousands of supporters and repeated false allegations that elections were stolen from him due to widespread fraudulent voting, a Trump supporter mob came to the Capitol Flocked to.

The House of Representatives voted for a single article of impeachment that officially charged Mr. Trump with a riot.

The US House of Representatives is discussing President Donald Trump’s second impeachment.

US House of Representatives

However, Senate top Republicans have rejected Democratic calls to reconvene the Senate for immediate trial, except to ensure that Mr. Trump will not be expelled before the end of next week’s term.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell’s spokesman confirmed on Twitter that Senator McConnell had notified Senate top Democrat Chuck Schumer.

Prior to the vote, President Trump issued a statement through the White House press calling for the end of future violence, which was read live on the floor.

“In light of the reports of more demonstrations, I strongly recommend that there be no violence, violation of law or vandalism of any kind,” the statement said. “It’s not what I represent, it’s not what America represents. I call on all Americans to help relieve tension and calm their temper. Thank you.”

“We know that the US President has instigated this rebellion, this armed rebellion against our common nation,” Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi told her fellow politicians. “He has to go. He is a clear and present danger to the country we all love.”

Reuters previously reported that Republican Senate leaders had been discussing whether to start trials as early as Friday, prior to Mr Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

On January 6, Mr. Trump’s supporters broke the Capitol, fled politicians, and left five dead, including police officers.

Mr. Pelosi said Mr. Trump was engaged in a “war against democracy” and that the “rebels” and “domestic terrorists” who attacked the Capitol were “sent here by the president.”

The impeachment has never dismissed the President of the United States. The three (Mr. Trump in 2019, Bill Clinton in 1998, and Andrew Johnson in 1868), previously impeached by the House of Representatives, have been seized by the Senate.

Republicans have accused Democrats of being reckless and have spoken to the House of Representatives not to impeach Mr. Trump’s interest in promoting public healing.

After last week’s violence, politicians were at stake, with numerous National Guards in combat uniforms and rifles stationed outside and inside the building.

Under the US Constitution, impeachment in the House of Representatives triggers a trial in the Senate. Senator McConnell said the trial could not begin until the Senate was scheduled to return to its regular session on January 19, the day before Mr. Biden’s oath.

“Cancel the president”

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, who led the party’s opposition to the first impeachment in 2019, accused the Democrats of pursuing the impeachment drive he said began shortly after Mr. Trump took office in 2016.

“Why? Politics and the fact that they want to dismiss the president,” Jordan said on the house floor.

Politicians made a speech in the House of Representatives wearing masks as the COVID-19 pandemic raged across the United States.

If President Trump is impeached, a majority of two-thirds of the Republican-led Senate must convict him. This means that at least 17 Republicans in a 100-member parliamentary room must convict him.

If Mr. Trump is dismissed before the end of his term, Vice President Mike Pence will become president and his term will expire.

Mr. Trump’s actions weakened his grip on his party. Republican senators haven’t said they’ll vote for the conviction, but Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey have asked Mr. Trump to resign.

The House of Representatives wore a gas mask last Thursday when politicians hid under their chairs as a riot clashed with police in a parliament hall after Trump urged supporters to march over the building. We gathered in the same room.

Security was very tight as the National Guard gathered in the iconic Parliament building prior to Donald Trump's impeachment vote.

Security was very tight as the National Guard gathered in the iconic Parliament building prior to Donald Trump’s impeachment vote.


Republican leaders in the House of Representatives have withheld urging members to vote against President Trump’s impeachment, saying it is a matter of personal conscience as a break from standard procedures.

“Instead of moving forward as a united force, the majority of the House of Representatives has chosen to divide us further,” Oklahoma Republican Tom Cole said on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Cole was one of 139 Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted against proving the election results hours after the violence.

“The US president has instigated an attempted coup in the country,” Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern said in the House before a procedural vote to proceed with the impeachment. “People have died. Everyone needs to be indignant. Unless this is an impeccable crime, I don’t know what hell is.”

Some Republicans called for the creation of a committee to study the events surrounding the siege as an alternative to impeachment.

The impeachment article accused President Trump of being a “riot incitement” and said he had caused violence against the US government in a speech to thousands of supporters near the White House shortly before the siege of the Capitol. The article also quoted Mr. Trump’s January 2 call asking Georgian authorities to “find” a vote to overturn Mr. Biden’s victory in the state.

In his January 6th speech, Mr. Trump falsely claimed to have defeated Mr. Biden, repeated widespread fraud and unfounded allegations in “electoral fraud,” and “stopped stealing” to his supporters. “Show your strength” and “fight harder”. He did not, but promised to go to the Capitol with them, using “very different rules”.

“If you don’t fight like hell, there’s no country anymore,” Trump told supporters.

Democrats could also use impeachment trials to push for votes to prevent Mr. Trump from running for office again.

Only a majority of the Senate is needed to disqualify Mr. Trump from his future job, but there is disagreement among legal experts as to whether impeachment conviction is required first.

Place of originDonald Trump becomes first US President to be impeached twice after inciting violence on the Capitol

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