Ditch the Foundation and Use This Instead!


From our friends Hey Pumpkin: As a teenager dealing with acne, scars and discoloration, I started putting on foundation when I was about 13 or 14 years old. I couldn’t believe that there was a product that could tone the skin while hiding all the flaws. It was a miracle product! But as I got older, I began to realize that foundation was more harmful than good to the skin.Sure, it covered my bear and helped to deal with the hormonal breakout, but it eventually clogged my pores (which led to it later). More Skin problems).

light makeup

Recently, in anticipation of summer, I completely stopped using foundation. As a result, not only did my skin improve, but I also feel that my overall makeup has improved. My skin feels lighter, healthier and more moisturized. Here are some reasons why you should stop using foundation altogether, whether you are motivated by saving money or by helping your skin. There is.

You save money

There is no doubt that makeup is expensive, and foundations are usually the most expensive product in people’s makeup routines. You can certainly get a bottle of foundation for less than $ 20, but countless brands sell their products for more than $ 50. Needless to say, it sums up. If you want to spend less money on makeup, eliminating foundation can save a significant portion of future changes.

Your skin will feel better

No makeup

We often wear make-up (especially foundation) to cover discoloration, scratches, or uneven textures, but the truth is that we are happy with our skin please do not Make up every day. If you’re thinking of improving your skin and want to start investing in good skin care products, start by not wearing foundation. Some foundations have a moisturizing effect and are gentle on the skin, but there are also many foundations that only clog the pores. And you’ll want your skin to breathe as much as possible, especially in the summer.

Has a natural look

The “matte” era is gone, but now the skin is natural and moist. Don’t be afraid to show off your skin and breathe! I’m not saying you need to give up makeup altogether, The “no make-up” make-up look is completely instant.. If you have freckles, make them shine!

You can cover defects with lighter products


Now I know what you are saying — “But what if I want to hide my shortcomings?” Well, that’s why they made concealers. Instead of applying one (or two) layers of foundation to your face, simply cover the area you want to hide with a small spot collector. This keeps your skin looking fresh and natural while dealing with any issues you may want to cover.

Try these products instead of traditional foundations

Therefore, if you want to get away from the foundation altogether, try using a colored moisturizer or skin tone instead. Colored moisturizers and skin shades (from both drugstores and department stores) cover a little to even out skin tones and also have an SPF to keep you safe from the sun. Here are some great things to check out:

Ditch the Foundation and Use This Instead! Source link Ditch the Foundation and Use This Instead!

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