Derek Chauvin trial hears ‘a healthy person would have died’ in same circumstances as George Floyd

Pulmonologists testified Thursday that George Floyd had died of oxygen deficiency, police officer Derek Chauvin’s knees were almost always on his neck, and his hands were folded back behind his back.

Pulmonologist Martin Tobin told the jury in a trial of Chauvin’s murder and manslaughter that he had watched a video of Floyd’s arrest “hundreds of times.”

“Mr. Floyd died from low levels of oxygen,” Tobin told nine women and five juries who heard a case that caught the attention of a tightly guarded Minneapolis court.

“This damaged his brain,” he said, and the arrhythmia-irregular heartbeat-“stopped his heart.”

White 45-year-old Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck and was filmed by a bystander for more than nine minutes while a 46-year-old African-American man was breathtaking and repeatedly complaining that he could. Seen in the video. I breathe”.

The video of Floyd’s arrest touched on protests against racial injustice and police atrocities in the United States and around the world.

Mr. Tobin said Floyd was “squeezed” face down on the street, handcuffed, and Chauvin and other police officers on his neck and back, which weakened his breathing.

“Unfortunately, I’m very familiar with seeing people die,” Tobin said as a doctor in the intensive care unit of a busy Chicago hospital.

He provided commentary as a graphic video of what he said was that the moment of Floyd’s death was shown to a careful jury.

“You can see his eyes, he is conscious, and you will see him not,” he said. “He’s alive for a second and isn’t alive for a second anymore.

“It’s the moment when life disappears from his body.”

Drugs and health are not factors

Chauvin’s defense lawyer, Eric Nelson, suggests that Chauvin’s weight actually rests on Floyd’s shoulders and back rather than on his neck.

Mr. Tobin disagreed, saying that Chauvin continued to hold him on the street after Floyd held his breath.

“Cauvin’s left knee is virtually on his neck most of the time,” he said. “In my calculations, it’s over 90 percent of the time.”

At some point in the video, Chauvin’s left boot was off the ground, that is, half the policeman’s weight was on Floyd’s neck, Tobin said.

“After he took his last breath, his knees stayed on his neck for another 3 minutes and 27 seconds,” he said.

“After the police officer noticed that there was no pulse, the knee stayed at the neck for another 2 minutes and 44 seconds.”

Born in Ireland, Tobin testifies as a prosecution expert witness.

He had previously testified in a malpractice trial, but said this was his first criminal trial and he was not paid.

Prosecutors are trying to prove that Floyd’s death was due to suffocation, but Chauvin’s defenses claim it was due to illegal drugs and underlying health.

Tobin dismissed the defense’s claim that the existing condition may have contributed to Floyd’s death and the effects of the illicit drugs methamphetamine and fentanyl that he may have taken.

“Healthy people exposed to what Mr Floyd received would have died,” he said.

In terms of drugs, fentanyl tends to reduce breathing, but Floyd’s respiratory rate looked normal before he fainted and died, Tobin said.

Some of Minneapolis’s top police officers have testified that Floyd, who had been arrested for handing over counterfeit $ 20 bills at the store, was overpowered.

Police chief Medaria Arradondo said Chauvin violated the ministry’s training policies and their “values.”

Police officers are rarely convicted in the United States when indicted, and if one of the counts against Chauvin convicts the jury, the jury must return a unanimous verdict.

Chauvin, who has been acquitted, faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted of the most serious offense.

Chauvin, a 19-year veteran of the Minneapolis Police Department, was dismissed from the military after Floyd’s death.

The other three former police officers involved in the arrest will be tried separately later this year.

Place of originDerek Chauvin trial hears ‘a healthy person would have died’ in same circumstances as George Floyd

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