Deklan Babington-MacDonald tributes from family, school after penguin toy death

The sad family of a six-year-old boy who died in a toy incident and the “shocked” school community remember him having a “big heart.”

The 6-year-old Gold Coast boy who died in a toy incident is remembered to have a “huge heart” and a wicked sense of humor.

Deklan Babington-McDonald’s died on Friday, Five days after being seriously injured by a penguins toy allegedly purchased at Seaworld. He spent several days sustaining life at Queensland Children’s Hospital before his broken-hearted family said goodbye.

His cousin went to Facebook to share her sorrow and wrote, “The world doesn’t make sense,” along with a series of photos of Declan.

“It’s definitely not fair. Too much joy and love has been lost,” she writes.

According to his family, Declan was injured after tying a stuffed penguin to a harness, tying it to a string, playing with a stiff stick.

The family told NCA NewsWire that they may have been tied to a string after Paul loosened.

“It broke and turned into a long rope that basically had a loop at the end … in a very short time Declan got entangled,” said cousin Lee Williams last week.

The family announced his death on Monday. After more than $ 14,000 was raised through fundraising activities organized to support the boy’s mother, Lauren Babington.

“The donated money is sent to the Declan monument, and Lauren can make important souvenirs from Declan’s ashes at the right time,” the fundraising page says.

According to Principal Regan Gantt, the community at William Duncan State School, where Declan attended, is said to be “deeply shocked and sad” by the incident.

“Declan always had a big smile on his face, such a big heart and a good sense of humor,” Gantt said.

“He was a friendly young man, but he will be greatly missed by his friends, staff, and the William Duncan State School community.

“During this difficult time, our thoughts and heartfelt compassion are directed at our family, friends, and loved ones.”

Gantt said support is provided to students and staff, and coaching counselors are expected to stay in school to help “in the best possible way” as needed.

The Village Roadshow theme park, which owns Seaworld, is said to have been “ravaged” by the passage of Declan.

The toy in question has been removed from the shelf They are investigating the case in collaboration with the Office of Fair Trading.

“Our top priority is always health and safety, so the toy in question was immediately removed from sale on Thursday, April 29, and an investigation began,” said a spokesman.

“We contacted Declan’s family through a hospital social worker and provided support.”

Queensland Police confirms the Gold Coast Child Protection Investigation Unit and prepares a report for coroners.

Place of originDeklan Babington-MacDonald tributes from family, school after penguin toy death

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