Davoren Park man allegedly hits police officer with car

A police officer was taken to the hospital after a man hit her in a car.

A man in Adelaide has been detained after being allegedly beaten by a police officer and “faces serious accusations.”

As part of the investigation, SA police attended a house in Deboren Park, north of Adelaide, around 10:20 am on Thursday.

While there, police allegedly a 28-year-old man driving a Ford Festiva took off from the property of Baron Heytesbury Avenue and beat a female officer on a driveway.

She was taken to Calvary Hospital with a leg injury.

Police searched the Ford Festiva in the area and found it abandoned along the Barbaro Court in Munnopara West.

According to officials, a man at Deboren Park drove on a red Mitsubishi sedan tracked to Ryan Road and Supple Road at Waterloo Corner.

The man was later arrested and remains in detention by police.

SA police said he “will face serious accusations” that have not yet been prosecuted.

Both Ford Fiesta and Mitsubishi sedans have been confiscated for forensic examination.

at first A man facing “serious suspicion” after hitting a police officer in a car

Place of originDavoren Park man allegedly hits police officer with car

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