Daisy Ridley: Star Wars, Chaos Walking star went off social media

Daisy Ridley reveals why he needed to “breath in” after the Star Wars split finale and why he left social media.

Last year’s coronavirus shutdown of the movie happened at a strange but crucial time for Daisy Ridley.

The British actor spent the first few months of the year in a very reflexive mood after playing the orphan Jedi Ray in the last Star Wars movie. The rise of SkywalkerWas released in December 2019. The more than five-year farewell she spent in the distant galaxy was the awakening of her two predecessors, the Force and the last Jedi’s lukewarm review and a drop in box office revenue. ..

In the backlash of fans demanding criticism and redoing, Ridley was already “breathtaking in January and February” trying to understand her franchise-free life in the limelight. so. She didn’t feel completely at sea when the world film industry stopped almost completely in March. Like many others, she baked banana bread and baguettes and spent time thinking about an uncertain future.

“January was such a change, and I spent my adult life in Star Wars, so I think it was like,’OK, who am I after this?'” She was locked down. I’ll call you from my house in London. “I had already questioned such a life, so it didn’t grow that much. I think the biggest stock was the self-employed coming in March.”

Ray of light

She experienced when she became a family name and role model from an unknown actor and became a fan all over the world, for the record and, benefiting from a little later wisdom looking back on her Star Wars journey. I just love the whole thing. She was excited to listen to The Mandalorian as a fan and as part of an extended family and scan the credits of her former colleague.

“I feel great about it. It feels like some kind of growth. I feel that my early twenties can make a big difference in everyone’s life,” she says. “I can’t believe I had such a great opportunity to be surrounded by wonderful people. I loved everyone I worked with, I loved the experience, and I just had the most wonderful time.

“I can’t thank you anymore. I always think very lovingly. I’m a really good friend of John (Boyega who played Finn). Everyone was doing very well, but meeting John is a very highlight. It was because I’ve been with my friends for 6 or 7 years and have been able to see the best places. ”

Walking tall

Ridley is now a little challenged to get back to work and is excited to talk about the movie she shot nearly four years ago. Chaos Walking, also starring Tom Holland, is based on a trilogy of young adult science-fiction books of the same name, and Ridley crashed on a planet where all women disappeared and men suffered. Playing characters The phenomenon “noise” that expresses their thoughts. She says she never thought about signing on to another sci-fi property that could be a franchise, even though she was still making Star Wars at the time.

Rather, she enjoyed the lightness of her character’s viola, which she couldn’t explore with Ray, and was fascinated and stunned by the noise.

“It will definitely be terrible,” she says of the idea that her innermost thoughts are seen and heard by everyone. “We have social media and I think a lot of people are posting a lot of time. I remember my grandparents once saying-and a lot of people still do. Masu-“If you have nothing to say, don’t say anything.” And it feels like it’s been wiped out on social media. People just say what they like now. ”

Social distance

Ridley is famous for leaving social media many years ago. At the time, her decision was speculated to be a reaction to the sometimes extreme fan reaction in the Star Wars world, and part of the hatred directed at colleagues such as Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran. But Ridley says it was much more violent – ​​she didn’t think she was very good at it.

“It turned out to be something that wasn’t really the case,” she says. “I just thought” What do you know? This is not for me. ” Some people are doing it really well-people who are very smart and have a lot to say-and I really don’t have much to say … “Hey, I made banana bread.”

“Sometimes I try to take a particular view, and it feels like the pressure is gone because of how people on social media look at themselves, and what they really are. I found it very difficult. John is doing it surprisingly well-he uses his platform in a very nice way, but it’s not just for me. ”

Heroes Welcome

Ridley first met Spider-Man’s Star Holland after being cast together on Chaos Walking. The two quickly defeated it and shared the common experience of being part of a huge movie franchise with an enthusiastic fan base. Although Ridley is four years older than her co-star, Holland, a former child actor, has long been in the limelight and treats her as a true professional praise as the focus of a key pillar of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she said. say.

“He plays Spider-Man in Spider-Man and I always felt like I was part of the team,” she says. “I think the Avengers are a team, but his movie is just him as Spider-Man, and he handles it much better. When people come in, I get pretty shy and a little I’m in a hurry. He’s really calm and very good at interacting. He’s good now, but he’s very inside himself. He’s younger than me, but he handles it really well. I look older because I am. ”


Ridley says there are some “exciting” projects in the pipeline that he hasn’t talked about yet, but the next identified role is Gertrude, a former Olympic gold medalist who became the first woman to swim in the English Channel in 1926. This is “Toldi” Edar.

“That’s a really great story,” she says of the biography, a young woman and the sea. “What she did is basically incredible in an era when women’s sports would essentially disappear if she failed. She essentially said,” This water until I get to England. I will not be taken out of. ” That dead or alive. She just liked to swim, but it was much bigger than she had ever thought. And it’s still the biggest parade for athletes returning to New York, and it really changed the face of women’s sports. ”

Chaos Walking has been in the cinema since March 4th.

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