Crikey Worm: Quarantine angst

Good morning, early bird. According to a leaked report, Victoria’s third blockade was triggered by a wipe in an open doorway, the Indian Premier League’s Twenty20 cricket tournament was suspended indefinitely, and more than 30 Australian players and coaches. , The staff is pulling.That’s the news you need to know Chris Woods..

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Airing problem

Victorian government secret report Australian ($), Hotel Quarantine Outbreak Retrospective CQV Infection Prevention and Management March 2021Revealed that a third blockade of the state was triggered after the virus was released into the corridor when a woman was wiped for a long time in an open doorway. Not from a man’s room using a nebulizer, as originally claimed by health officials.

In addition, senior bureaucrats who manage infection prevention throughout the quarantine program Mattiu BushHas been reported to authorities twice since March, after opposition to the defense forces’ demands for compulsory testing, Infection control protocol violation ($).. The report also reveals that unvaccinated contractors have been allowed to perform hotel maintenance work in violation of government policy since the program resumed in April.

News will come later Scott Morrison He announced that he is evaluating the Victorian Government “Detailed and comprehensive proposal” Build a cabin-style quarantine site north of Melbourne.

Crossbencher Adam Band, Helen Haynes, Rebekha Sharkie, Zari Stegggal, Andrew Wilky, Bob Cutter And a colleague of the House of Councilors Rex Patrick And Stirling Griff Yesterday, we set up a “dedicated surge capacity quarantine facility” in the Morrison government and jointly called on India to repatriate and withdraw Australians. Greg Hunt’s Emergency decisions — and the resulting criminal penalties — Biosecurity Act Against India ($)..

And according to New DailyA man living in Collie, southern Perth, recorded a very weak positive result after having recently returned from Victoria after being quarantined for 14 days. This probably reflects a historic infection.

Not cricket

The Indian Premier League Twenty20 Cricket Tournament has been suspended indefinitely due to the country’s COVID-19 surge. Guardian Australia According to the news, more than 30 Australian players, coaches and staff are stuck until the government’s travel ban is lifted as early as May 15.

Scott Morrison Yesterday, I rejected allegations of turning from a former test cricket player to a commentator Michael Slater The prime minister said he was “bleeding” after canceling the flight, stalling about 9,000 Australians and considering returning travelers a crime.

Morrison suggested that travelers are “very unlikely” to actually face up to five years’ imprisonment or a $ 66,000 fine, Sydney Morning Herald The Australian Medical Association said it participated in a government call to overturn Saturday’s urgent decision.

Today, the chair of the India-Australia Strategic Alliance and Ph.D., a long-term Liberal Party member Jugbinder Simbark He called on the government to develop a repatriation plan and vowed to support it.The· AFR ($) Also chaired by the Australia-India Business Council Jim Barghese He warned that the measures would hurt both Australian and Indian communities and bilateral business and trade.

Soil, fire, wind, water

On a pre-budget tour of Queensland Scott Morrison Today, $ 600 million will fund a project for a wildfire and cyclone-resistant home for the previously announced National Reconstruction and Resilience Agency to build embankments in disaster-prone areas. Will be announced.

by Sydney Morning HeraldThe government has also promised to create an Australian Climate Service to collate data for emergency management policies led by the former Liberal Party President. Shane StoneCurrently responsible for the government’s national drought and flood recovery efforts in North Queensland.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack Today, we are announcing a sixth round grant under the Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) using a speech to the Rockhampton Regional Australia Institute.Notable 7.30 Research In April, a panel of ministers chaired by McCormack discovered that they had intervened in the selection of more than one-third of the projects funded in the BBRF’s $ 200 million round. New Daily In January, the fund was found to have provided overwhelming benefits to coalition constituencies, including “regional” seats such as the Gold Coast.

Elsewhere Courier-mail All four leaders of Australia’s largest political party are in a fierce battle, Anthony Albanese Naming of miners Shane Hamilton As Dawson’s Labor Candidate ($) — After George Kristensen Probably retire for $ 100,000 After being “rejected” ($) By LNP — and Adam Band Announcement of Greens Candidates Brisbane and Ryan LNP holding seats ($)..

PS: In the latest climate change news, Parents New climate targets released by the United States and other rich countries in recent weeks report that Climate Action Tracker’s climate projections have dropped from 0.2 ° C to about 2.4 ° C by the end of this century.Also a new video by Renew Economy Australia’s current emission reduction rates explain how Australia will not reach net zero for at least another 200 years.

Police officer charged with assault

New South Wales Police said 11 months after the appearance of footage of a man allegedly stumbling on a 16-year-old indigenous teenager, police officers caused actual physical harm and general assault. I confirmed that I was charged. Guardian Australia Report.

The news is while New South Wales is investigating the death of a 20-year-old indigenous man. Bailey McCander, WHO ABC note Security guards said, “There is nothing wrong with anything but attitude,” and through a “knock-up” system, he was reported to be anxious and unable to breathe while trapped in an isolated cell. McCander died in November 2019 after escaping detention during a transfer at Gosford Hospital, overcoming a concrete barrier and falling 10 meters.

life line: 13 1114.


yesterday’s worm The Northern Territory falsely reported that it had leased the Port of Melbourne to its Chinese-owned company, Landbridge. This should have read Darwin Harbor.

Did they really say that?

If our government cares about the safety of Australians, they will allow us to go home. Embarrassing !! Blood PM in your hands. You dare to treat us this way.Would you like to organize [the] Quarantine system. I got the government’s permission to work on IPL, but now there is government negligence.

Michael Slater

Converted from a former test cricket player to a commentator Stronger blame of Morrison Australian technical opposition leader (although he supports a travel ban I want a return flight).

Sell ​​Faith: 21-year-old Scott Morrison’s Thoughts on Building Influence and Growing Herds

“Most of us hate facing the words we wrote when we were 21. But in that case Scott Morrison Some imagine that he may be happy with the young religious marketers he sees in college treatises. After all, Prime Minister Morrison hasn’t changed much.

“Inq I followed Morrison’s treatise, which he wrote to earn a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New South Wales in 1989. It is located in the University of Manchester’s special library dedicated to writing about Christian Brotherhood meetings and is also known as Plymouth. Brothers. “

Panic PM tries to reverse the dog whistle in the incompetence of quarantine

“Political sarcasm can never be much better than this. Scott Morrison We have to stop promoting a new $ 3 billion package to invest in a system that protects Australian cattle from external biosecurity threats and set off a big fire over the crimes of Australians returning from India. did. All of this is the result of not investing in systems to protect Australians themselves from external biosecurity threats.

“When even a solid Pundit or the Institute of Public Affairs is attacking you, you know you’ve crossed a previously unknown line of attack — and that’s why. Scott MorrisonHoping to devote himself to a cattle slaughter conference in Rock Hampton yesterday afternoon and this morning, he wants to do both major breakfast TV shows today to defend his crimes as a non-racist. I suddenly felt the urge. “

Goodbye, COVID Commission, what did you leave us?Lots of secrets, lots of costs, and gas-driven recovery

“From the beginning, the committee was almost completely stacked with business leaders, and several bureaucrats were thrown in a fair amount (although they soon disappeared).

“It was supposed to be a” problem-solving “group that allowed the CEO to” talk to the CEO “and involve the private sector in a pandemic response.

“So what exactly did the former Fortescue Metals boss chair and get from the committee? Nef power Did you get stuck with a fossil fuel industry executive? “

read all about it

Desperate New Delhi hospital heads to court leaving a few minutes of oxygen

Australia’s bubble hope retreat with Singapore on new virus alert

The Northern Territory budget was boosted by improving the country’s GST, but the financial books are still dyed red

Queensland Parliament Debt Crisis: Warning of Critical Service Reduction ($)

Gymnasts seek “compensation for harm” ($)

Traditional owners closing Kakadusite due to Parks Australia’s “lack of respect” for the sacred area

$ 295,000 price tag for the High Court battle over casual backpay ($)

Faster tax cuts for the wealthy as the budget aims to be in the middle ($)

A “solar garden” scheme that makes renewable energy available in the apartment

Filipino Foreign Minister takes a blasphemous crack in Beijing over its protracted presence in the South China Sea

Australian Myanmar citizens extending visas following a deadly military coup announced by the federal government

Video shows Israeli settlers trying to take over a Palestinian home


Apart from family, Indian Australians are in pain — — Rana Hussein (Sydney Morning Herald): “I learned through my family’s WhatsApp chat group about the government’s plan to impose fines or imprisonment on travelers returning from India suffering from COVID. A message from my sister attached to a related news article. “What do you think about this?” To understand how my family and I handle government announcements, we need to understand who we are and where we were. “

System flaws at all levels — need immediate fix ($) — Ewin Hannan (Australian person): Dozens of confidential documents obtained by Australian person It provides unparalleled insight into the day-to-day operation of problematic systems, reveals the deeper story behind this year’s outbreak, and demonstrates a lack of transparency from health authorities. The alleged actions of senior infections, prevention and management officers are, frankly, belief. It represents not only terrifying optics, but poor leadership, and is deeply annoying to Victorians who follow the rules and take collective pride in responding to pandemics. “

View from the hill: Pandora’s box opens in Darwin Harbor review — — Michelle Grattan (conversation): “How difficult is it? Scott Morrison Are you willing to poke a panda? This is a question posed by a government review of the 99-year lease of Darwin Harbor by the Chinese company Landbridge. The Defense Department is to advise on the security implications of leasing granted by the Northern Territory Government in a highly controversial $ 500 million deal in 2015. “

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