Crikey Worm: Older and Pfizer

Good morning, early bird. The Morrison government has accepted the advice that Pfizer should be the preferred COVID-19 vaccine for people under the age of 50. As a result, Australia’s vaccine deployment strategy has changed and delayed.That’s the news you need to know Chris Woods..

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Sticking points

Morrison Government Accepted Advice from Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization Pfizer should be the preferred COVID-19 vaccine for people under the age of 50 (who have not yet safely received the first AstraZeneca shot). Guardian Australia Explains that the AstraZeneca vaccine displays a warning that people under the age of 50 may face a very rare but deadly blood clot.

Chief Medical Officer at an evening press conference Paul Kelly The incidence of blood clots from AstraZeneca is very rare, averaging 4-6 cases per million vaccinated people, but emphasized that complications can result in up to 25% mortality. ..

AstraZeneca is offered to people under the age of 50 only when it is clear that the benefits outweigh the risks. Kelly adds that given that ATAGI’s advice is based on the current situation in Australia, it could change if another outbreak occurs in Australia.

PS: In the UK BBC explainsOnly Astra Zenaca, limited to those under the age of 30.In this article, the incidence of blood clots is similar to that of contraceptives, but even more “Much bigger” on the pill — The current data does not create a “like for like” comparison.

Vaccine Mile Off

The government is still working on how ATAGI’s advice will affect Australia’s expansion, Scott Morrison We could not guarantee that all Australians would be vaccinated by the end of the year. The 50 million AstraZeneca produced at CSL’s Melbourne plant was the center of supply in Australia. The advice also stated that safety concerns would increase vaccine hesitation and delay deployment.

So ABC Pfizer vaccines cannot be produced locally, as explained in the guide on how the announcement will affect Australian deployment. That is, all doses need to be imported. The Morrison government has only secured enough 20 million doses for 10 million people.Minister of Health Brendan Murphy However, keep in mind that once the elderly care vaccination is complete, it will be easier to bias the remaining doses to people under the age of 50 in Category 1B, such as those with underlying medical conditions.

Currently, only AstraZeneca and Pfizer are approving and supplying in Australia, but Murphy said the third candidate, Novabacs, is in the process of approval, with Australia signing 51 million dosing contracts. I said there is. However, Sydney Morning Herald columnist Rob Harris Please note that it will take at least 4 months for Novavax to arrive in Australia.

In response to last night’s press conference, Dr. Andrew Robertson Presentation State rollouts will change soon In addition, the AstraZeneca vaccine will only be given to people over the age of 50, and reservations for everyone else will be cancelled.

PS: Following the federal state’s return to the states and territories hoarding the assigned drugs, Age Report Victoria had to immerse itself in AstraZeneca’s backup supply to ensure that people with reservations weren’t rejected because federal deliveries arrived consistently late.

PPS: Harris’s work also notes that critics and workers warned the government last year that “there are too many eggs in a basket.” Anthony Albanese Repeated this discussion In his response to last night’s news..

Hearing the death of indigenous people with custody

Finally, ABC report Inquests in North Queensland have heard that an indigenous man who died in police detention on February 10, 2018, received “second-best” treatment from an emergency medical personnel.

Specifically, the man was allegedly not properly evaluated because he was handcuffed on the ground and unconscious in the dark, and rescue personnel instructed police police officers to perform CPR.

The news follows the news that a fifth indigenous people died in custody within four weeks on Monday. Junky Point out tomorrow’s planned public protest days in the countries of Eora (Sydney) and Naam (Melbourne).

Did they really say that?

[to head of the Australian Christian Lobby Martyn Iles]: I have no intention of repenting of being gay. When I leave this deadly coil, do you wonder where it will leave me?

Trent Zimmerman

Ringing 13 years of tradition Q + ALiberal lawmakers and Australia’s first openly LGBTIQ member of the House of Representatives will begin to discuss in honor of his humanity with a lobby group that is clearly devoted to Quarephobia.

List of things Peter Dutton says shouldn’t be talked about to avoid being threatened with defamation

“Ministry of Defense Peter Dutton After he made negative comments about, he threatened defamation to many social media users who labeled him as an “rape apology”. Brittany Higgins..

“Dutton has targeted a wide range of people with letters from his lawyers, from unemployed Twitter users to prominent politicians, including the Greens Senator. Larissa Waters (People who later apologized).

“We shouldn’t be surprised. This is the same man who requested that his photo in the shadows be removed from the internet in 2016. In typical internet fashion, that demand is for him. Brought to a surge in Photoshop images Pennywise And Hannibal Lecter.. “

Julie Bishop has a question to answer about her relationship with the collapsed financier Green Sill

“The silence from those who inspire the product has become deafening as the fallout from the collapse of the Green Sill continues and threatens to send the Whyalla Steelworks to power.

“In England David Cameron His role in lobbying the government on behalf of an Australian entrepreneur-owned fateful lender has been relentlessly pursued by media and opposition members. Lex Greensill.

“But the lobbyists who work for Greensill here aren’t. They’ve come down Scott-free so far.”

Why does Labor run trains? Or how well is the state’s Liberal Party?

“For the Marshall government in South Australia, the threat of the collapse of the Whyalla Steelworks would not have arrived at the worst of times. In fact, all that remains in the rusty bucket of its condition for the collapse of the industry. Time is pretty bad, and not just because they summon their ghosts Craig Emerson Sing “No Wai La Wipe Out”.

“Oh, haven’t you thought about it for a while? I’m sorry, but if it’s in my head, it must be in your head.”

read all about it

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The government’s “roadmap” for dealing with sexual harassment is inadequate.What we need is a fundamental change — — Emma Golledge, Dianne Anagnos, Madeleine Causbrook And Sean Bowes (conversation): “Under intense public pressure, the Morrison government finally responded to the report with a plan entitled” Roadmap for Respect: Preventing and Dealing with Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces. ” The roadmap recognizes the importance of preventative approaches to prevent sexual harassment before it occurs.Also, either express an agreement (fully, partially or in principle) or [email protected] report. “

Defense Minister Peter Dutton proves he has the right one ($) — Greg Sheridan (Australian person): “Ministry of Defense Peter Dutton It is absolutely right to guarantee the overwhelming support of the government to men and women in our service and to ask them to prioritize their main task, the application of military force to protect Australia and Australia’s interests. is. Is this really true? “

Why Morrison’s “She’s Right” Vaccination Model Fails At So Many Levels — — Garry Linnell (New Daily): “If the federal opposition is not so divided and is not confused about what it represents and who it should represent, Scottie’s The “she’s right” vaccination program is less transparent and more focused on marketing than real, ensuring that the government will automatically dismiss you in the next election. It also reminds us why many state leaders have achieved unprecedented levels of trust in the last 12 months, and now they have real strengths in the Commonwealth. “

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