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Melbourne’s regulations were relaxed overnight, but health officials continue to investigate the causes of the four cases, requiring masks outdoors. Reservoir household In the north of the city.

So ABC explainsThe Morrison government has terminated emergency payments and withdrew the city’s hotspot declaration, despite reduced venue capacity, gym closures, and other ongoing restrictions, or controversial bans. Non-urgent selective surgery.

A Victorian female husband who tested positive for COVID-19 on the Sunshine Coast Positive in yesterday’s test, Meanwhile, in addition to the existing exposure sites identified throughout the week, new venues have been added to: Victoria (Bundoora, Epping, Heidelberg, and Thomastown); New South Wales (Coonabarabran, Dowel, Forbes, Morley); Queensland (Baringa, Buddina, Caloundra, Moffat Beach).

Tragically, a 52-year-old woman died in New South Wales from a blood clot that may be associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Experts to encourage Australians After the death of a second woman earlier this year, you will be informed about rare side effects, but don’t worry.

Elsewhere Herald Sun ($) Trainees and recently retired doctors, nurses and emergency medical personnel report being hired to nearly double Victoria’s vaccination capacity. The state government is reportedly discussing with the federal government to begin vaccination of more than 12 chemists in remote and suburban urban areas.

The Wyndham Council in western Melbourne states that it has set up its own mass vaccination clinic. AgeInstead of federal and state action, last year, residents suffered nearly 1000 incidents.

Postscript: In the much lighter post-pandemic news, West Australian ($) Report Mark Magawan And Clive Palmer Judges are about to meet after ordering them to make a real attempt to resolve the defamation battle outside the courtroom.

China Syndrome

by Sydney Morning Herald, Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong Advised Scott Morrison While trying to engage with China as rhetoric from Australia escalated, the two leaders promised to develop a travel bubble infrastructure that includes mutually recognizable digital vaccine certificates.

Morrison received support from Japan for China earlier this week “Economic coercion”Is currently on its way to the UK for a G7-plus meeting to press that particular button — and promises Nothing at all To combat climate change — before going to France and meeting Emmanuel Macron..

Yes, peaceful deescalation is one option, Australian ($) Report Peter Dutton We invested $ 10 billion to double the original plan to extend the life of just three boats to completely rebuild the six Collins-class submarines of the Navy. Over $ 90 Billion, Uncertain Plan Twelve new French attack-class submarines have exploded, and the first submarines are not ready for service until 2035.

Dutton also wants to increase the US military presence in the Asia-Pacific region to counter China’s influence. ABC I learned of a proposal to form an ADF training brigade with a new Darwin-based US Marine Corps.Aside from love for guns, anti-Chinese “strong” rhetoric Domestic political strategy..

Postscript: New to China itself Amnesty International Report More than 50 former detainees in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region camps have detailed torture-equivalent practices, accusing the government of crimes against humanity in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, and researchers are mainly Uighurs, Kazakhs, and others. Areas claiming mass imprisonment and persecution of organized and national organizations of Muslim minorities.

On-track, net zero

Finally, New South Wales Minister of Transport Andrew Constance We plan to announce a net zero emission target for Sydney trains in 2025. SMH ReportWith plans to remodel some port ferries with electric engines.

There is a move to introduce renewable energy into the New South Wales train network after the Queensland Government has promised an additional $ 1.5 billion to renewable energy and hydrogen employment funds ahead of the state budget next Tuesday. Renew Economy I will explain.Is Parashek The government established a $ 500 million fund in September last year as one of the state governments. Go alone with green recovery..

On the other side of the spectrum, energy companies, including federal-owned Snowy Hydro, have hit potential market rule changes. Angus Taylor that is Effectively subsidize aging coal generators..

Postscript: Before the Queensland budget day, Courier-mail ($) Queensland Health also reports that it had to save $ 1 billion already planned last year, but lost more than $ 500 million in health savings after a fierce campaign by the hospital board. ..

Did they really say so?

My message to liberals who personally want to go to the Biloela family #HomeToBilo:

Speak loudly!tell me Karen Andrews Publicly what you are saying personally!

What does it mean to be a member of parliament unless you are willing to use your voice for justice, compassion, and justice?

Christina Kenniary

Shadow Interior Minister Very principled call All night to go back Priya, Nades, Copica, And Tharunicaa Home of Biloela. Perhaps Labor lawmakers, who personally oppose the party’s detention policy, are now welcome to tell Kennery publicly.

Is the government softening the Biloela family?

“When I was 3 years old Tarnica Murgapan Her family lay down in a hospital bed with sepsis and pneumonia, hoping that it might be enough to stimulate a little compassion in Canberra and end immigrant detention for more than 1000 days.

“This morning, the Minister of Interior Karen Andrews Attempted to bottle the genie — after days of discussing resettlement abroad, she returned to the familiar terrain of the coalition of stopping the boat. “

We ignored China’s abuse for our own benefit.Now we will be big losers calling them

“What’s the deal with inviting Australia to everything we don’t really participate in? It started with the Eurovision Song Contest, and now we sit at a big table a lot Like the lube, it’s supposed to go to the G7.

“We are not the only ones invited, but Korea, India, South Africa, etc. are all much larger in terms of population and weight.”

read all about it

Australian swimmer Maddy Groves quits trials at the Tokyo Olympics because of “misogyny perverts” in sports

“Grants or Bribes?”: MP asks John Barrymore in Congress for funding over $ 50,000

Melbourne’s first safe injection room “fulfills its purpose”, research shows

David Dungay Jr.’s mother fights the death of an indigenous people detained in the United Nations

City high-rises fear safety in “horrible” squeaks

Alinta calls on federal government to play a role in coal lending ($)

The IOC Executive Board proposes that Brisbane host the 2032 Olympics

Suburbs of Sydney where reports of sexual assault doubled this year

Writers, researchers and thinkers sign a letter to Scott Morrison in protest of the National Archives of Australia ($)

Scott Morrison Must Adopt Carbon Tariffs To Protect Economy: Report

“Miracle” mosquito hacks reduce dengue fever by 77%

Coral reefs around the world are “at risk”, as scientists are paying attention to delayed calcification

Congratulations (and questions) greet US vaccine donation plan


Friday Gratin: Scott Morrison’s quest to be Biden’s “best” — — Michelle Grattan (conversation): “Given how harmful China’s actions in Australia are now, the government’s reaction is not surprising. However, there is also the risk that it will have serious adverse effects. In Western Australia, there are concerns that China could threaten its iron ore exports. Critics are unlikely because they do not buy the federal claim that this would be against China’s own interests. “

Our goal is to get bigger, more environmentally friendly and better prepared ($) — Boris Johnson (Australian person): “I ask the G7 and its guests to contribute more to the goal of a global partnership for education to raise US $ 5 billion (US $ 6.5 billion) for schools in developing countries, and more. As children enter the classroom, we must match their talents and create jobs to protect the environment they inherit. The G7 limits global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. To do so, we can move both objectives forward by supporting the Green Industrial Revolution and promising to halve carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. “

Your G7 Greenwashing Guide: How Australia Disguises Climate Change Ambitions — — Ketan Joshi (RenewEconomy): “Credit theft: Australia’s renewable energy industry has grown dramatically since its first emergence in the mid-2000s. Especially rooftop solar is the world leader, but this is the previous administration. Planted by the policies of the Labor Party, the current administration at the time directly and positively opposed it. In fact, they admit that they could not stop the growth of renewable energy. Ironically. “

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  • The Wheeler Center and the Australian Refugee Council will begin 2021 Refugee Week.At the online panel event “On Unity: Refugees, Community and Connection” Gordon Koang, Asher Hirsch, Peter Doyle, Shahad Bahnan, And Mukhles Habash..

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