Crikey Worm: A remote possibility

Good morning, early bird. The Queensland government is reportedly considering sending international travelers to remote worker camps, with several US House of Representatives Republicans saying they intend to vote. Donald Trump Today’s historic second impeachment. That’s the news you need to know, Chris Woods..

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Camp out, camp in

by Australian ($)The Queensland government has decided to send international travelers to remote worker camps after a UK COVID-19 stock outbreak at a hotel in Brisbane, forcing hundreds of people to repeat quarantine. I am considering it.

The plan could be rolled out nationwide and was initially withdrawn after being backed by police last year due to reduced community transmission, but today Queensland Health, police, and the proposed facility. Discussed by the administrator of.

Other Domestic COVID-19 News:

  • 14 residents on the outskirts of Sydney have been warned to check for symptoms after a virus fragment was found at the Westleighsby treatment facility: Glenory, Warunga, Thornleigh, Pennant Hills, Cherrybrook, Castle Hill, Galston, Dural, West Lee, Glenhaven, Waitara, Hornsby, Normanhurst and West Pennant Hills (7 news)
  • Gladys Berejikrian The Government of New South Wales has announced that travelers will be required to quarantine for 14 days from the onset of symptoms if the UK COVID-19 strain is positive. (AFR $)
  • Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly Attempts to calm the debate about the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine were that the drug was effective and locally manufactured, thus “allowing maximum deployment” to “save lives.” Was to declare “to do” (ABC)
    • Unlike members of the Morrison administration, Kelly was also ridiculed Craig Kelly False claims for ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 treatment (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • The Pentagon said foreign military personnel and another partner tested positive at the Darwin quarantine hotel, but had no contact with the locals (ABC).
  • Western Australia Premier Mark Magawan Announced that masks are mandatory at all airports in the state and cannot be fined up to $ 50,000. (7 news).

Republican Free Thinking Ship

Several U.S. House of Representatives Republicans have indicated their intention to vote Donald Trump Today’s historic 2 prior to the vote that CNN’s live blog report should pass through the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives between 3:00 pm EST and 8:00 am EST. The second impeachment.Republican sources even the Senate leader Mitch McConnell Supports impeachment.

Voting will take place when Trump is banned from Twitter and has no public schedule, and will take place when the FBI announces more than 170 investigations into the attack last week-it warned other law enforcement agencies. Say in advance; see Business insider For a guide to ignored online warnings — and begin arresting armed far-right militants Joe Biden Inauguration ceremony on January 20th next Wednesday.

PS: Kansas women, according to the Associated Press Lisa Montgomery Two more federal prisoners were to be killed before President Biden promised to end the federal death penalty again, making him the first female prisoner to be executed in almost 70 years.

PPS: Looking forward to that presidency New York Times The next chair of the Senate Budget Committee Bernie Sanders The next stimulus will include a $ 1,400 check, vaccine distribution, testing and contact tracing, and funding for an emergency universal health insurance program.

Is there a way for debtors?

In industry news Age Small business ombudsman reports Kate kernel After JobKeeper ended in March, we are looking for a HECS-style loan system for small businesses.

Australian ($) Meanwhile, it cites new Treasury figures showing that households and businesses have saved more than $ 200 billion across the pandemic. This will help the government bring Job Seeker back below poverty.

Did they really say that?

We are currently conducting some experiments to measure the mutual impact of news business and Google search, reaching about 1% of Australian Google search users.

Google spokesperson

By allowing some users to intermittently block Australian news websites, search engines are trying to force payments for their content to countries, after all, it’s their World Wide Web. We provide a cool reminder. I just live in it.

The political stupid season was a little more so with poor actors and bad screenplays

“January is always a ridiculous season for news that attracts Team B both on-air and off-air, but hay fever looks worse than usual because of the real news this year.

“Forget the fact that you shouldn’t see or hear all politicians at this time of the year. The pandemic and US political turmoil are spotlighted by those who are’acting’before the title. It means you won’t miss 15 minutes. “

I’m sorry that Craig Kelly MP is back

“As I wrote earlier, the Union Backbencher Craig Kelly — Perhaps angry that the death caused by his relentlessly stimulated coal industry is taking too long — jumped head-on into disseminating false information about COVID-19.

“He spent a lot of time in 2020 in support of a drug called hydroxychloroquine in response to a protest by the Australian Chief Medical Officer, and now he is chasing a mask. Yesterday he wore a mask. I shared a (non-peer-reviewed) paper investigating the side effects of Adolescents, which led to the conclusion that having adolescents wear masks is child abuse. “

Team Oz Scale: Trump Team Leaks Indo-Pacific Strategy

“In the days of dying Playing cards The presidency, ABC, has won a big scoop on the Trump administration’s Indo-Pacific strategy. This, among other things, spells out a blueprint to make China more rigorous. This document was released today after Aunty gained exclusive Early Access.

“There are many things to raise your eyebrows here.

“First, this document is not intended to be declassified for another 30 years. National security sources will never be released so soon. Second, why it was given to ABC. The question is, is there a way behind the Trump administration’s madness? And, more worrisome, was ABC played? “

read all about it

Examination of coalition government over “opt-in” aging guarantee

Murray Bridge Man The fourth man arrested in connection with the death of Oliver Todd

Adelaide job seekers felt “powerless” when the disabled hiring staff came to his house

Michael McCormack’s Black Lives Matter comment was blamed by the nephew of David Dungay Jr.

China rejects COVID-19 pandemic proposal due to bats and scales

Driver proceedings state that Uber and Lyft’s Proposal 22 is unconstitutional

Alexei Navalny, the poisoned Kremlin enemy, returns to Russia despite the threat

Dozens of people killed in Israeli air raids in Syria: War monitor

Saudi Arabia’s innovative zero-carbon city, The Line, was welcomed as the dawn of a technology-based future

Alex de Minaur wins Turkey’s Antalya Open for Australian Open


Treatment of Victorian residents is not proportional, fair, or rational — editorial (Age): “Behind the government’s hard-line approach, there is a legitimate purpose to control local transmission of the virus, but banning residents from their home state indefinitely is a failure to reach that goal. It’s a necessary, strict, disciplinary and irrational way. Andrews The government needs to take evidence of the first and second blockades that we are responsible and credible and do it like any other state. That is, it allows citizens to return home, quarantine at home, and continue their lives. The premiere owes us that. “

Scott Morrison can act swiftly to help shape US policy ($) — Peter Jennings (Australian person): “”Morrison You need to visit Washington and get in shape right after you take office Biden Consider the role of the United States in the Indo-Pacific and beyond. If Biden develops a strategic approach that also benefits Australia, we need to build our position in the efforts of the coalition. There are no more urgent policy-making challenges in Australia. The key elements of this strategy are: Form a common response to China’s economic coercion. Formalization of quadrilateral defense cooperation involving Japan and India. Common condemnation of China’s dismantling of Hong Kong’s autonomy. Agreement to develop a supply chain to avoid forced labor in China. Combined plans to strengthen Taiwan’s defenses. “

The West has not let go of neoliberalism and white supremacy, which is destroying us— Jim Maro (Junky): “The West is tearing itself in front of us. The attack on the US Capitol felt like a shocking and meaningless act of violence against the ideals that Americans claim to believe. But it wasn’t sudden — the writing was on the wall for years. The rebels didn’t wake up on January 6 and simply decided to take power in the Republic. “

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