Cricket news 2021: Cameron Bancroft ball tampering claim, CA responds, bowlers knew about cheating

After Cameron Bancroft tore the sandpaper gate wound, Cricket Australia responded with a revelation about his teammates.

Cricket Australia responded after Cameron Bancroft explosively claimed that bowlers had noticed a tampering of the team in South Africa three years ago.

Bancroft, David Warner and Steve Smith are all the first batters I caught it with sandpaper on the ball During a fierce third test in Cape Town in 2018.

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After investigating the darkest days in Australian cricket history, it was concluded that the other members of the team were unaware of the fraud, Bancroft suggested in an explosive interview that this was not the case It was released this weekend.

At the time, the CA recommended that anyone with evidence or concern about tampering with a ball that was not exposed during the South African saga come forward.The governing body of sports ESPN Cricinfo We were happy to receive new information on this issue even after Bancroft was released.

“CA has always insisted that if anyone has new information about the 2018 Cape Town test, they should come forward and present it,” a CA spokesman told Cricinfo. ..

“The survey conducted at the time was detailed and comprehensive. Since then, no one has presented the CA with new information that could question the findings.”

Talk to ParentsBancroft was asked if the team’s bowler (consisting of Pat Cummins, Josh Hazlewood, Mitchell Starc and Nathan Lyon in the Newlands test) knew of the ball tampering plan at the time.

“Yes, look, all I wanted to do was take responsibility and responsibility for my actions and parts,” Bancroft said.

“Yes, obviously what I did has benefited the bowler, and the perceptions around it are probably self-evident … if I had a better perception, I would have made a much better decision.”

Pushing again if the bowler knew, Bancroft replied: “Um … yeah, look, I think, yeah, I think it’s probably trivial.”

The eyebrows were raised when the CA announced that no other player on the team was aware of the tampering of the ball other than the banned trio. The Bancroft bomb revelation must reopen the old scars about whether he, Smith, and Warner were unfairly scapegoated.

None of the other Australian cricket players or staff were sanctioned in the case, but Darren Lehmann, high-performance boss Pat Howard, and CA director Mark Taylor have all resigned.

Talk about Fox Sports Back page In June 2018, Hazlewood denied knowledge of the ball tampering scheme.

“No, no,” he replied when asked if he knew the plan.

“The team obviously has ball maintainers. They are usually batters because they are in the circle and the bowlers have thin legs and deep squares on the field. They take care of the ball from time to time. As soon as you stop the normal swing, you start the reverse swing.

“I almost get the ball at the stop of the mark one second before I start running, so it’s easy to see which side is a little worn.”

Other players complained that it was related to the Cape Town incident and claimed to be more shocked than anyone else when they saw the Bancroft footage.

“I remember seeing what happened on the big screen and getting hungry.’Oh, what’s happening here? What’s going on?'” Cummins said in 2018. I told

Bancroft previously claimed that Warner was a teammate who asked him to tamper with the ball.

“Dave (Warner) suggested to me to take action with the ball, given the circumstances in which we are participating in the game, and I didn’t know any more,” Bancroft said. Told Fox Sports in December 2018.

“I didn’t know anything more because I wanted to fit myself and really value it as easily as that.

“The decision was based on my values, what I valued at the time, and what I valued the fitting … I hope the fitting brings respect to you. I think it cost a lot. “

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