Creatives aren’t just head-in-the-clouds dreamers

Behind every published writer are publishers, editors, typesetting, printers, distributors, delivery trucks, warehouse landlords, journalists, teachers, audiobook creators and engineers, bookstores, etc. , There are other troops employed as a result of what they produced. small. Government support for writing has been amplified many times in terms of job creation.


The effect of trickle-down employment goes beyond written words. More jobs will be created as books adapt to other media. In my case, three of my novels have created jobs in the local film and television industry (two feature films and one television miniseries). One stage adaptation, Secret river, Sold out nationwide in Australia. The production then went to London and the Edinburgh Festival, where it was a huge success, further supporting Australian actors, musicians and technicians.

Today, writing festivals aren’t just about books in every small town. These communities know that books are a good business. The writing festival attracts many visitors who support the local economy by spending on restaurants, accommodations, tours and travel. All of them support local work.

Most writers, like other small businesses, are small businesses that help keep the wheel of our economy spinning. We pay for spending, consumption and taxes, and we directly hire copyright agents, accountants, researchers, spokespersons, web designers and more. Not only are creative dreamers head-to-head, we are also hard-working entrepreneurs, taking risks in the hope of increasing the number of customers.

All my novels are published internationally, two of which are not only Australian bestsellers but also international. All my fiction has been published in the United Kingdom and the United States and has been translated into many European languages, not just Hebrew, Chinese and Japanese. These successes are part of a healthy international market for Australian writing that generates export revenue and spills over into the perception of other products that Australia can offer.

In addition to export revenues of dollars and cents, Australian books have brought Australia to the world. For my own book Perfect idea Received the world’s richest literary award (British Orange Award) at that time, Secret river Among other awards, he was selected as the final candidate for a British booker.Sold Out Stage Production Secret river Acclaimed in London and Edinburgh.

The book is a diplomat and a trade delegation between covers in terms of facilitating understanding between different cultures.

Every time an Australian book reaches an international reader (and our book punches beyond their weight in that regard), it becomes our trade and cultural partner in our country, ours. Gives a deeper understanding of our thinking, our values. The book is a diplomat and a trade delegation between covers in terms of facilitating understanding between different cultures.

Australian books create Australian course content for schools and colleges. This is important because it is an important way for students to learn to think about the society to which they belong and because it is part of that society.
They will be citizens who vote and pay taxes. Without the rich body of our own Australian literature, the education of young people in Australia would be second-hand British or American.

Australians have our own values ​​and are not always in line with other countries. Those unique values ​​need to be reflected in what young people read and shape the debate about what Australians are. We also have our own history, but it’s not the same as everyone else. That history has created a dilemma that tomorrow’s citizens must try to solve wisely. Writers are at the forefront of presenting those issues in a way that broadens their horizons and understanding.

These issues are very important to our own national sense and cannot be understood through the lens of imported text. So why can’t they pay for themselves if there is so much to offer in literary arts?
How? The answer lies in the inevitable calculation of population. The domestic market is simply not big enough. Fortunately, some writers can find the international market, but not everyone can.Some of the best Australian texts don’t work for the very reason it’s written
For Australian readers.

Government support is declining

This is why, like many other small countries that value their own identity, government support for writing has been part of the writer’s mix for many years. Since the first government support in the 1970s, that support has fueled the growth of a very vibrant, diverse and popular writing industry. Support is currently declining, which means that employment growth, economic activity, national identity and other indicators are exacerbating everyone.

It’s no wonder you can go to a bookstore and choose from a huge range of books that reflect our own lives and our own sense of being an Australian. But it’s a fragile privilege. It didn’t happen before with government support, and it will die on the vines unless the government gives proper support again.

This is an edited version of the submission of author Kate Glenville to the Standing Committee on Communication and Arts.

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