Craig McLachlan tour postponed due to covid concerns

Craig McLachlan’s first concert since the alleged sexual assault was cleared was pushed back by the singer explaining his disappointment on Instagram.

Singer and actor Craig McLachlan was forced to postpone the comeback concert because of covid.

The concert series, in which McClaclan was to appear as country singer Hank Williams, was his first stage appearance since the allegations of assault on the four women on the set were cleared in December. Rocky Horror Picture Show In 2014.

Fame McClaclan neighbor, On Instagram, his Nobody is lonely to me The tour was postponed from July.

“Unfortunately, the impact of the current Covid-19 restrictions is logistically affecting the performance of the tour,” he wrote on Instagram. “All tickets will be fully refunded and new dates will be released as soon as arrangements are made and fans and teams are more secure.

“Thanks to everyone who expressed their excitement, and to everyone who bought the ticket, for their continued support. I am forever grateful to you. Don’t worry, Hank is coming. I will! “

The show premiered at His Majesty’s Theater in Perth on July 29, after which he planned to travel nationwide to Broken Hill, Tamworth, Adelaide, Hobart, Launceston and Brisbane, but was postponed until 2022.

Nobody is lonely to me The story of the last two hours of Hank Williams’ life, who died on New Year’s Eve in 1953.

The tour was like resuming McClaclan’s career. McClaclan interviewed his long-term partner Vanessa Scammell last month about the “absolute destruction” that the alleged assault brought to his life.

McClaclan said he was exiled to a remote shipping container and admitted to a mental health facility because he feared his loved ones could kill him.

“At that point, all you can think of is that Nessie will be better without me. My family will be fine without me,” McClaclan said. Told on channel 7..

“I’m not afraid to talk about this. I hope it helps people in similar situations.

“The crucifixion was very cruel,” he said.

Craig McLachlan tour postponed due to covid concerns Source link Craig McLachlan tour postponed due to covid concerns

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