Covid: Why NSW Premier was dragged into ‘mandatory vaccine’ lawsuit

A line of Gladys Beregicrian’s remarks made at the Today Show was dragged into a lawsuit over a compulsory jab.

Gladys Berejikrian’s comments at the Today Show were dragged into a New South Wales Supreme Court proceeding over compulsory vaccination, and government lawyers accused the move of being a “stunt.”

Health Minister Brad Hazard is facing several proceedings in the New South Wales Supreme Court, three of which will be heard next week.

Some plaintiffs have challenged the minister’s ability to issue public health orders as a test case for the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two claims made by Al-Munir Kassam and Natasha Henry are challenging rules stating that important workers must receive jabs before leaving their area of ​​interest.

Ms. Henry’s lawyer appeared in the New South Wales Supreme Court late Friday afternoon in an attempt to summon the Prime Minister’s Office.

They raised comments from Mr. Beregikrian during an interview at the Channel 9 Today Show on September 1st.

In an interview, the Prime Minister said, “First of all, we couldn’t mandate the vaccine. It’s not our strength to do it.”

Barrister Jason Harks, acting on behalf of Ms. Henry, quoted it as “significant approval” by the government.

He tried to discover what legal advice he had in front of Mr. Beregikrian at the time.

“A key element of plaintiffs’ allegations in this case was that the government had no legal authority to issue public health orders demanding plaintiffs’ compulsory vaccinations,” Dr. Harks said.

“To make the prime minister say” we have no power “on live television raises the question of exactly what information she had in front of her. “

Jeremy Kirk, a barrister acting on behalf of Mr. Hazard, said the subpoena was not of significant relevance as it was Mr. Hazard who issued the public health order and Mr. Beregikrian was not the defendant in this case. rice field.

“In honor of my friends, this is a kind of stunt that tries to embarrass the government or get materials that would otherwise not help your honor at all,” Kirk said. I did.

Judge Robert Beach Jones agreed.

“If it was actually done by the parties, the approval of the law would have little, if forensic value, in itself,” he said.

Judge Buna Jones has set aside the subpoena and both parties will return to court next Thursday.

at first Gladys Berejikrian’s Today Show Comments Raised in “Forced Vaccine” Proceedings

Place of originCovid: Why NSW Premier was dragged into ‘mandatory vaccine’ lawsuit

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