COVID Victoria: Source of case confirmed as QR fail hampers contact tracing

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Companies that deliberately ignore COVID rules, including the enforcement of the QR code system, will be fined a new $ 1652 on the spot as the risk of complacency increases.

This is because 37% of the companies visited by the state government as part of the three-week COVIDSafe blitzkrieg in April were found to be non-compliant.

The blitzkrieg issued more than 165 enforcement notices and 300 verbal warnings, and saw more than 4000 hospitality and retail businesses targeted by the authorities.

The state government has identified the most common problems as failure to use QR codes, lack of COVIDSafe plans, and lack of density quotient signs.

All projects have been notified because the state government has warned that licensed officers will take effect from May to June.

media_cameraCustomers scan the QR code before dining at a restaurant in Melbourne. Photo: NCA NewsWire / Ian Currie

The new $ 1652 fine will empower authorized officers to issue immediate penalties and improvement notices, triggering follow-up visits.

Repeated offenders face an additional $ 9913 fine, and businesses may be prosecuted in court for ongoing, explicit, or willful violations.

Danny Pearson, deputy police and emergency services minister, said the new fine sent the company a “clear message” that violations were unacceptable.

“As we’ve seen this week, checking in when all Victorian people visit a business helps contact tracers quickly find people at risk of coronavirus exposure. It’s essential, “said Pearson.

“Most companies are doing the right thing, but others are disappointing all the Victorian people who sacrificed to take us to today’s place.”

Paul Guerra, CEO of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce, said the state government should “fine” and instead ensure proper communication with businesses.

“Companies have suffered enough in the last 14 months and shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of individuals doing the wrong thing,” he said.

“Just check in. The company needs to make it easy, but it’s the responsibility of the individual. Let the company do the work. They’re not executives. It’s a common responsibility. ..

“It’s time to market together to ensure that our COVID-19 recovery continues quickly.”

Over 91,000 Victorian organizations have signed up for free Victoria State Government QR Code Services in 125,000 different locations, with over 21.5 million check-ins and an average of 280,000 check-ins per day.

There are no new cases as the QR code brander slows down tracing

After about 22,000 tests on Wednesday, no new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Victoria on Thursday.

There is one new case identified by an international traveler who is currently being quarantined by a hotel.

The 21,984 test results received on Wednesday came after the test blitz in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

The people of Epping and Altona North scrambled for testing after the Warato man tested positive after returning from India.

By genome sequencing Victorian man catches coronavirus at a quarantine hotel in South Australia, As the Andrews government was once again accused of slow deployment of the QR code system throughout the state.

The Ministry of Health investigated more than 80 major close contacts that may have come into contact with men infected with COVID at four exposed sites on Wednesday night.

Hundreds of football fans were urged to take the test and soon become isolated after a train from Flinders Street Station to Crazyburn at 10:20 pm on Friday after the blockbuster Richmond and Geelong hits. I did.

A COVID-positive man ate at Curry Vault Indian Restaurant and Bar. Photo: David Caird
media_cameraA COVID-positive man ate at Curry Vault Indian Restaurant and Bar. Photo: David Caird
Curry vault health authorities and Epping (inset) testers who ate positive COVID-19 cases.
media_cameraCurry vault health authorities and Epping (inset) testers who ate positive COVID-19 cases.

Metrotrains CCTV was used to identify patrons sharing carriages with men while AFL and the club contacted members. All major close contacts in male households have returned negative results, but remain isolated.

Since then, more than half of the 115 identified primary close contacts returned negative on the COVID test.

Acting Prime Minister James Merlino confirmed that 67 people were free of the virus after contacting a COVID-infected Warato man at a hotel quarantine in South Australia on Thursday.

He said the remaining 48 were expected to receive their results within the next 24 to 36 hours.

All close contact remains isolated.

Merlino said the early signs of COVID horror were “quite positive.”

“I’m positive so far,” he said.

Meanwhile, SA’s Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier said that those who were at level 3 of the hotel during the “period of concern” and whose discharges needed to be quarantined for an additional 14 days.

“The majority of Medihotel staff working at the time had the necessary daily tests,” said Professor Spurrier, but five employees were still being followed up.

28 patrons and staff at the Curry Vault CBD restaurant, 17 at the Pact Altona North exposure site, 8 at Epping’s Indiagate shop, and 28 at Epping Woolworths.

Of those 81, 41 returned a negative test as of Wednesday afternoon.

After Health Minister Martin Foley confirmed that Curry Vault Restaurant was not actively conducting QR code check-in, contact tracers were still scrambling to identify all close contacts.

However, Kailash Sharma, owner of the Curry Vault Indian Restaurant and Bar, told Herald Sun that a number of check-in systems are working at his venue.

“We require all customers to sign in,” he said.

“I don’t know why people don’t check in. It’s easy for anyone if something like this happens.”

Cars are lined up on the street for COVID testing at Epping. Photo: David Crosling
media_cameraCars are lined up on the street for COVID testing at Epping. Photo: David Crosling
The man will be tested. Photo: David Crosling
media_cameraThe man will be tested. Photo: David Crosling

System failures are putting new pressure on the Andrews government to delay requiring all companies to have a single QR code check-in system.

Venue and enterprises can use any system before the government’s Service Vic program becomes mandatory from May 28th. NSW mandated a QR system for all hospitality facilities and beauty salons on January 1st.

Opposition spokesman David Davis said: The confusion and confusion that was part of this has been added to the issue. “

Neither Foley nor the Ministry of Health confirmed whether the restaurant or Sharma would be fined for alleged violations.

Paul Guerra, CEO of Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said code compliance is a “joint effort.”

“It’s not about naming or embarrassing, it’s about doing the right thing and taking responsibility for both the company and the customer.”

Originally released QR code sends police to bust slack shops and restaurants

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