Covid Victoria: Restrictions to stay until most of the state is vaccinated

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The Andrews government has been accused of pressing supermarket employees to enforce Covid compliance for their customers in wearing masks and signing in with QR codes.

Industry-leading groups said at a meeting with the government this week that they were encouraged to strengthen staff training and Covid compliance checks.

Jos de Bruin, CEO of the Master Grocers Association, an industry representative for IGA, FoodWorks and Richies supermarkets, said the directive is clear.

“The government wanted a more sophisticated compliance check,” he says.

“We help and encourage people to do the right thing, but we can’t be enforcers. We’re not the police.”

De Bruin says their staff are doing their best, but they aren’t ready to follow their customers and it’s not their job.

“It is said that you need to train your staff at the cashier and ask,” Did you check in? ” Please make the QR code available at the station before making the payment, “he says.

media_cameraA person scans a QR code before entering a supermarket. Photo: NCA NewsWire / Daniel Pockett

A Woolworths spokesperson said he has been using the Victoria State Government’s QR code system for months and has encouraged customers to continue to work closely with government authorities on these directives.

Health and safety ambassadors were placed at the entrances of all Woolworths supermarkets during the recent blockade. Staff can assist with QR code check-in, cleaning baskets and trolleys, and monitor customer numbers as needed.

“Community well-being is our priority and we have an extensive COVIDsafe plan in our stores. For Victorian customers, team members as we work together to overcome this difficult time. I want you to treat each other with respect, “they say.

de Bruin wants supermarket workers to be considered front-line workers so that they have immediate access to the vaccine.

“We are anxious for our staff to be recognized as essential workers. We are at the forefront every day and want to be considered as a priority as teachers and healthcare professionals. increase.”

Victorian restrictions have been relaxed

Victorians will be released from the blockage again, but most are warned to expect a “months” limit before being vaccinated.

Daniel Andrews, who announced the end of the state’s fifth blockade, said on Tuesday that some form of restriction would remain until the “majority” of Victorians were vaccinated.

The numbers show that 40.48 percent of Victorian people over the age of 16 had one Covid-19 shot, but only 16.98 percent shot twice.

“We wish we had this press conference in a warehouse full of tens of millions of doses,” said the Prime Minister. “No. Yes, some of these restrictions are on us and we are at risk of further blockade until we get the majority of Victorians and Australians through the vaccination program.”

As Herald Sun revealed, Victorian people can now leave their homes for more than 5 kilometers, reopen restaurants, pubs and retail stores, and students return to the classroom today.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews warned that restrictions would continue until the
media_cameraPrime Minister Daniel Andrews warned that restrictions would continue until the “majority” of Victorians were vaccinated.

However, masks remain mandatory indoors and outdoors, visitors to the house are banned, and will not be crowded with AFL games and major theater events for at least two weeks.

The “lockdown light” limit remains for two weeks before further mitigation is considered.

“Don’t go to their place and visit mom and dad,” Andrews said. “(Don’t think)” No one knows … it’s okay. ” No there is not. That is how this virus spreads. “

Despite the ban on home visits, brothels and sexually explicit places can be operated by up to 100 patrons.

Opposition spokesman Tim Smith said the rules were “proudly inconsistent.”

“Victorian people can visit brothels, but not their mothers at home … the Andrews Labor administration is really weird,” he said.

With changes from the restrictions introduced after the previous blockade, the hospitality venue can be reopened for up to 100 patrons.

But industry leaders warn that most companies that choose to reopen under strict limits will be at a loss.

Bill Lang, Executive Director of SME Australia, said traders need a clear roadmap for the level of vaccination needed to end the “authoritative policy” of blockades and restrictions.

“The prime minister loves to say,’I need to talk more about it later.’ The reality for many of these small business owners is that they won’t be later,” Lang said. ..

The enhanced business support package will be announced Wednesday, and treasurer Tim Pallas is in talks with his federal counterpart, Josh Frydenberg.

Paul Guerra, head of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce, said full-scale businesses need immediate help.

“When we snap to the blockage, we need to be able to snap out, and we’re seeing that sign,” Gera said.

Danny Hunter, executive director of the Property Council in Victoria, said urgent focus is needed to reopen the city.

“Melbourne’s CBD contributes about 7% of GDP and 25% of Victoria’s economic production … with each blockade, we take a step back,” said Hunter.

The mask remains mandatory outdoors.Photo: NCA NewsWire / Wayne Taylor
media_cameraThe mask remains mandatory outdoors.Photo: NCA NewsWire / Wayne Taylor

Jim’s owner, who was previously closed shortly after the blockade, said he was shocked to get approval to reopen soon. Jonathan Chieros, owner of Dukes Gym, said he was hoping for a “more staggered opening.”

“I’m looking forward to the members coming back to the gym. Nothing beats direct training,” says Quieros.

Ten new related cases of locally acquired coronavirus in Victoria were recorded on Tuesday, but all were quarantined during the infection.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said the state was able to make “greater progress” through three things: “quick and thorough” contact tracing, blockades, and efforts to comply with the rules.

“… These components are working together to contain a second delta outbreak,” he said.

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