Covid Victoria: $2000 grants on offer for community sporting clubs

Sports clubs affected by strict coronavirus regulations will be provided with financial relief and a grant from a $ 30 million package set up to make up for lost earnings.

Community Sports Minister Ross Spence will announce a $ 2,000 grant to sports clubs that have been hit hard in the last two weeks on Saturday.

The Sports Club Grant Program is available to clubs that incur irrecoverable costs after an event or activity has been canceled or postponed.

It also includes cancellation fees for facilities, coaches and staff, loss of perishables, and reservation fees.

Media_cameraCommunity Sports Minister Ross Spence will announce a new grant for clubs affected by Covid’s restrictions.Photo: Andrew Henshaw

The Williamstown Imperial Cricket Club received a grant earlier after Covid-19 had a dramatic impact on their day-to-day operations.

Anthony O’Keefe, a member of the committee, said funding is a lifeline.

“Unfortunately, the cafeteria was closed for most of the season, and some of the traditional sponsors were so affected that they couldn’t perform the club’s functions, which had a financial impact,” said O’Keefe.

Seven new exposure sites were identified in northern Melbourne on Friday, and authorities scrambled to find links to four coronavirus cases detected in reservoir homes on Wednesday.

The site includes AMPOL and BP gas stations in Thomastown, Coles Supermarket in Waringal Shopping Center, Woolworths and Coles in Bundora Square Shopping Center, and Reform Health Osteopath in Hillside.

All new locations are Tier 2 exposed sites. Persons who visit at the times listed should be urgently inspected and quarantined until negative results are obtained.

Initially issued as follows 7 new exposure sites. A sports club given a Covid lifeline

Place of originCovid Victoria: $2000 grants on offer for community sporting clubs

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