Covid Victoria: 0 new cases, Melbourne office returns could be postponed after interstate outbreaks

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The Andrews government is still considering last-minute adjustments to return to a work plan that is likely to come into effect on Monday after the growth of the interstate virus cluster.

Plans to open 50% of private office buildings and 25% of civil servants on January 11 have been postponed a week later due to concerns about an outbreak in late December.

However, after a series of days without a coronavirus community infection, the company wanted to return to work on Monday.

Victoria did not record a new case of coronavirus on Thursday, as more than 16,000 people have been tested in the last 24 hours. There are 29 active cases of COVID-19 throughout the state.

However, new infections on interstate highways, including hotels in Queensland, have raised new concerns, and health officials are waiting for data to confirm that the virus has not slipped through the cracks and returned to Victoria. ..

Going back to restrictions such as public transport and supermarkets, the mask rules are set to be relaxed once everything is clear.

media_cameraSome Melvernians choose to wear masks outdoors. Photo: David Crosling / NCA NewsWire

Currently, the announcement is likely to be made on Thursday or Friday, providing authorities with up-to-date data and information before the long-awaited green light for CBD boost.

On Wednesday, Victoria had three cases of hotel quarantine, with no cases of local coronavirus infection, recorded for seven consecutive days.

Concerns remained last night after a new case was added to a cluster of highly infectious British strains associated with a quarantine hotel in Brisbane.

Currently, there are six people connecting to the virus-infected Hotel Grand Chancellor, and returning travelers have been taken to a new site where hundreds have been tested.

Victorian public health officials responded Wednesday night by asking everyone in the state isolated at the hotel to be immediately isolated and inspected.

They also updated their advice to have anyone who traveled from Brisbane to Victoria after December 30 be tested and quarantined at home until negative results were obtained.

Previously, these rules only applied to travelers arriving after January 2nd.

Victoria marks a week without new COVID-19 cases

Victoria marked a week without newly acquired locally acquired COVID-19 cases. Approximately 18,000 tests have been conducted in the last 24 hours.

Health Minister Martin Foley said on Wednesday that Victorian people should “watch this space” for further directions on the return of office workers.

“Once I get that advice, I’m sure it will be released,” he said.

When asked if returning workers needed to wear masks, Foley said he hoped the public health team would tackle the problem at the same time.

“But by doing so, I think the mask will continue to be part of that (public health) toolkit for some time to come,” he said.

Janice Webster of RetroStar clothing said the store lacked the support of office workers.

“They make up 75% of our customers,” she said.

“The city needs it to regain all its vibrancy. We need to keep it going.”

A trip from Melbourne to Tel Aviv on January 10th retested a child who was positive for the coronavirus and returned a negative result.

The Grand Prix has been postponed until November. Photo: Peter Parks / AFP.
media_cameraThe Grand Prix has been postponed until November. Photo: Peter Parks / AFP.

Grand Prix crew was able to evade hotel quarantine in November

Rescheduling the Australian Grand Prix until November could mean that the F1 team would circumvent the 14-day hotel quarantine, Martin Pakura, Minister of Key Events, flagged.

The Formula One season Melbourne leg was scheduled to take place from March 18th to 21st, but this week it was announced that it will take place from November 18th to 21st.

The date change was decided after the team hesitated to go through the two-week compulsory quarantine process required for international travelers.

The 2020 Grand Prix has been cancelled. Photo: Scott Barber / AAP.
media_cameraThe 2020 Grand Prix has been cancelled. Photo: Scott Barber / AAP.

After a long discussion, the state government and Formula One management agreed that the best solution to keep the race in Melbourne is to change the schedule. With a tight window to move the team from Brazil to Australia on November 7th, while preventing the outbreak of the coronavirus, this will be the third to last event of the race season.

The deployment of the coronavirus vaccine could mean a major change in travel restrictions, Pakura said.

“Vaccine deployment begins in Europe and the United States, and in February in Australia,” he said.

“We expect the pace to increase throughout 2021.

“We should not automatically assume that the state cabinet’s position on January quarantine will be the same in November.”

Mr. Pakura said he hopes that as more people are vaccinated, world travel will begin to reappear.

Andrew Westacot, CEO of the Australian Grand Prix, said authorities have spoken about how Albert Park trucks will be managed between November and March 2022, when the event may resume. He said he would work to clarify the details.

Westacott said officials would also work to find the best process to handle the team moving from Brazil to Melbourne.

Initially publicized as an interstate highway outbreak could postpone the return to the office

Place of originCovid Victoria: 0 new cases, Melbourne office returns could be postponed after interstate outbreaks

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