Covid cover-up exposed: What Really Happened In Wuhan

Doctors have disobeyed and paid for official warnings of exposing China’s “stomach-disturbing” cover-ups over the coronavirus, a new study said.

A new book and documentary, “What Happened in Wuhan,” reveals the origin of Covid-19 and has become a hot topic all over the world suffering from pandemics. In this exclusively edited excerpt, author SHARRI MARKSON reveals how Chinese doctors and whistleblowers first noticed the immense crisis, but were reprimanded, closed, and even figured out. I erased.

January 2020, Wuhan

In December 2019, an increasing number of Wuhan doctors were overwhelmed by patients suffering from pneumonia-like symptoms and chest infections, and began to realize that they were dealing with the dreaded new coronavirus.

Among them was Eifen, a female emergency captain at Wuhan Central Hospital, who had already been reprimanded and instructed by her boss not to disclose information about the coronavirus to prevent panic.

At the same time, posts mentioning the new coronavirus have begun to disappear online. Censorship by the Chinese Communist Party has begun, and doctors and Chinese health officials have endorsed the opposite approach. The hashtag #WuhanSARS has been blocked along with terms related to the Wuhan pandemic and seafood market.

At work, it was the busiest hospital in Wuhan, which was harsh and tragic. Ai was told that she had a father who was so sick that she couldn’t get out of the car alone. With compassion, she walked out of the hospital to help him. By the time she got to his car, he had died. She never forgets to see a doctor hand over a death certificate for his son, who was just 32 years old, to his older father. The father stared at the doctor without understanding the devastating news.

Death was unforgiving. The hospital was overwhelmed. The mound of the body was so high that I couldn’t climb it. The husband asked Ai if she could arrange for her mother-in-law to be transferred to “hospitalization.” Worried about her mother-in-law’s condition, she took the time to express her gratitude for her love. By the time his mother-in-law arrived, she had died. “I think it was only a few seconds, but that’thank you’weighs heavily on me,” Ai later told the Chinese magazine Renwu (people).

“Did the time it took to say this sentence save your life?” Ai was then saddened to see her colleagues sick and some lost their lives.

Another Wuhan doctor, Wanley, changed his name and age to save his life, but realized that the coronavirus was far more serious than the 2003 SARS outbreak in Beijing. rice field. It was more infectious and more contagious. Surprisingly, he and other doctors were barred from officially reporting deaths as a result of the coronavirus. The government continued to insist that few people died from the virus, but Dr. Wang knew the actual condition of the Wuhan hospital.

He talked to one of his friends whose wife’s sister and sister-in-law were hospitalized for the virus. Twelve sick patients were crushed inside in a ward that normally accommodates up to four people. All of these were highly contagious, splattered, and had difficulty breathing. It was devilish.

We totally refused to report virus-related deaths. “One of my friend’s family got sick and was treated at Wuhan Central Hospital,” recalls Dr. Wang. “At the time, they didn’t report any deaths, but he told me that three people had died in the room where he was treated. They didn’t even rob the bodies, just I left them lying there for days. He was scared and sent me a message asking what he could do.

“I can’t even imagine how they could get a dozen people into the room,” he adds. “No one knew it because it wasn’t news, but I learned about it from the WeChat group for doctors and chats between doctors and patients.

“At that time, they forbade reporting death. They just said, no, no one was dead. But in his family of three, two became ill. And at work. One of his colleagues also got sick. In mid-January, it was very clear that something was really wrong. When a friend shared what he said to me, They all said they had heard the same thing.

“I soon realized that this was much worse than we expected. More and more people were suffering from respiratory failure without a fever. Just measuring the patient’s temperature It wasn’t enough anymore.

“Why don’t they report this? I remember telling me that our health center manager couldn’t report this because he didn’t want to cause a panic. One reason was probably just to curb the actual numbers. They kept saying everything in Wuhan.

It is under control. We were not even allowed to report lung problems due to the disease before they blocked us on the 23rd. “

It’s annoying to see how China’s President Xi Jinping was praised by the World Health Organization, the United States, and others for his transparency during the actual criminal concealment of the virus.

And by January, Dr. Wang began to feel that a serious crisis was occurring. He was surprised when many doctors, including his friends, began to get sick.

Due to the spread of the virus internationally, flights from China were still allowed. Dr. Wang, director of the Community Health Center, flew to Europe in January. Dr. Wang has not identified exactly which European city his director flew to, but 28 international flights from Wuhan Tianhe Airport departed daily. Flights with hundreds of passengers extended to regional hubs such as Bangkok and Singapore, as well as Paris, Tokyo, London, Dubai, New York, San Francisco and Sydney.

When Dr. Wang’s director arrived in Europe, he developed fever and respiratory problems. Instead of immediately quarantining himself, he returned to Wuhan.

“When he arrived in Europe, he suddenly noticed a cough and fever. He hurried back to China, fearing he might not get the treatment he needed in Europe,” said Dr. Wang. Says.

In doing so, he exposed hundreds of people on the ground at the airport, in flight, and also by being there in the first place.

“His father specializes in respiratory medicine and advised on which medications to take. The problem is that he hid it from everyone. He continued to work with us. We were in the same shift for quite some time. His symptoms were really terrible when he was.

In Europe, “said Dr. Wang.

After recovery, Dr. Wang was ordered by the director not to take additional precautions that could scare people and cause massive panic. This same concern about causing panic was why the press was barred from reporting virus news.

“Our health center manager told us, and this is a direct quote:” You can’t wear a mask. “This ridiculous advice goes to our center every day. Was [Chinese epidemiologist] Zhong Nanshan’s comment encouraging masks. I couldn’t believe they had such a silly policy. How can I tell my doctor not to wear a mask if I’m talking about the flu or the coronavirus? “

It was inevitable that I would get sick. And on January 14, Dr. Wang coughed.

“I started to feel this prolonged pain in my chest. I thought I had a heart attack at such an early age. I couldn’t do it. The next morning, the pain got worse. It was terrible. It was a thing, “he said.

“I was at home all day checking my temperature. But I didn’t have a fever. So the next day I went back to work and took a chest X-ray. The underside of my right lung was infected. The doctor reviewing the X-ray told me: You see, this X-ray has all the standard clinical features of this virus. Then he told me, I Has already taken eight x-rays today, all of which had signs of these infections in the lower right lung. “

Dr. Wang went home and stayed in bed and was terribly ill for three days. On the fourth day he was ordered to return to the clinic. His director did not allow him to take a break from work. As the days went on, Dr. Wang began to feel even worse.

“I said the director of our center has a vacation, and I can’t come in this state and infect our patients and all of you, so I really should take a little rest. But he told me I couldn’t rest. Please come until the New Year holidays (January 24th).

He told me, “says Dr. Wang.

“One reason was that we didn’t have enough staff to treat the patient. Another reason was that we were afraid that the doctor would panic if we didn’t go to work. We were officially diagnosed. If not, they would have to enter the room and without the Covid-19 nucleic acid PCR test, there would be no formal diagnosis.

“At that time, if you wanted to test, the line was endless. It was basically impossible to confirm with an official diagnosis because the entire medical system collapsed due to pressure. Needed a CAT scan and a blood test, but had to be tested to be officially diagnosed. “

By January 20, the health care system was flooded with infected people. Dr. Wang was worried that he would not survive. “I remember telling my friends on WeChat. It’s over. I see,” he said.

“One of my friends working in internal medicine at the hospital told me, come to our hospital, we have space for you. I say I will keep monitoring my situation “The next day, he said,’It’s too late, you should have come yesterday. Today we don’t even have the space to treat our doctor.” It was done and it became tight on the 20th, but I didn’t have a chance on the 21st. In the last two days, our entire medical system has collapsed. “

There was a turmoil and anarchy. There was no isolation in the hospital and no best practice medical care. Hundreds of sick people seem to have formed a long line at the fever clinic that was set up. Dr. Wang says he saw a woman who was incredibly ill and tired of waiting for treatment, getting out of line and starting to spit on the ground out of anger. She shouted that she wanted to infect everyone.

After the Chinese New Year, more and more doctors and nurses became infected with symptoms like Covid-19 at Dr. Wang’s medical center. Parents began to pressure Dr. Wang to write a health certificate and gave the child a clean health bill. “A lot of students came from junior high school and elementary school. The finals are approaching at the end of the semester, and parents asked me to write a health certificate for the children. I heard. They said it was almost time for the finals and the school wasn’t letting our kids attend, so we want to give the school a health certificate, so the kids are at school. You can go to and take the exam. “

According to Dr. Wang’s direct report, the number was actually much higher when China stated that there were 830 confirmed cases and 26 deaths on January 24.

Dr. Wang’s direct testimony of how the coronavirus emerged in Wuhan shows the degree of concealment, as well as the extreme frustration and complete helplessness of front-line practitioners.

The Chinese government claims that the official date for the first Covid-19 case is December, but Dr. Wang has revealed that doctors have been dealing with the coronavirus since November. Covid-19 may appear in October or September due to a community infection in November.

Dr. Eifen was later temporarily missing as a punishment for her efforts to warn the world of the coronavirus.

Dali Yang, a political scientist at the University of Chicago, told The Associated Press about the punishment of doctors: Wuhan doctors were afraid. “

The true number of whistleblowers detained or simply disappeared may never be known — and it was not just a health care worker. The roll call includes lawyer Chen Qiushi, journalists Zan Zhang and Li Zehua, businessman Fang Bin, and Professor Xu Zhangrun, whose tragic stories are told elsewhere. What actually happened in Wuhan..

Each of them is a brave soul who chose to endanger his life to reveal the truth about the pandemic.

It was hidden by the Chinese government.

What actually happened in Wuhan by Sharri Markson, published by Harper Collins Australia, will be available on September 29th. You can pre-order now..

Markson’s top-class Sky News documentary of the same name is available on demand.

at first Doctor’s courage and official concealment revealed in an exclusive excerpt from what actually happened in Wuhan

Covid cover-up exposed: What Really Happened In Wuhan Source link Covid cover-up exposed: What Really Happened In Wuhan

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