COVID-19 variants from UK, Brazil, South Africa infecting young people and making them sick in great numbers

What scientists thought they knew about how the coronavirus spreads and its most likely victims are changing rapidly-and this x-ray shows how bad it is I am.

A hallmark of the coronavirus that emerged early in the pandemic was that it tended to cause serious illness and death, primarily in the elderly or in people with pre-existing health.

Young and healthy people remained almost intact, and many were unaware that they were infected, as many experienced or had no such minor symptoms.

However, the emergence of a new mutation in COVID-19, called a “variant of concern” by epidemiologists, changed all of that.

Avoiding illness and even death is no longer a safe bet for young people, as countless international examples show.

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“Strengthen and hit faster than before”

Canada is now in the midst of a devastating third wave of infection, overwhelmingly sparked by the epidemic of the highly infectious B117 mutant known as the British strain.

Public health officials say that most of the country is likely to have replaced the original COVID-19 virus, and its superiority has changed who is more likely to get sick.

They say the new onslaught has hit young Canadians particularly hard. Doctors are shocked by how many people are being liquidated in hospitals and intensive care units.

Dr. Kashif Pilzada, an emergency physician in the city of Toronto, Canada, told CTV that the people who “fill the ICU” in his hospital are “all in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.”

“It infects young people more violently and faster than before,” said Dr. Pilzada. “Variants have completely changed things.”

He compared two lung x-rays side-by-side to demonstrate the effect of COVID-19 on adolescents.

On the left is a set of healthy lungs and on the right is the lungs of an ICU patient in his thirties, showing a large pocket of fluid accumulation.

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Overnight, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Canadians, especially young people, to pay attention to warnings and take infection control measures seriously.

“This isn’t the news that all of us wanted, but hospitalizations surged, ICU beds filled up, variants spread, and even those who were convinced they didn’t have to worry about getting sick. “Trudeau told reporters. ..

Dr. Teresatam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, said the variant, especially the UK stock, increased the risk of hospitalization by 60% and the risk of admission to the ICU by 100%.

But surprisingly, British tensions have increased the risk of death by 60 percent, Dr. Tam told the media.

“These severity indicators are found in all age groups in the adult population,” she said.

Dr. Tam said the areas most affected by the Third Wave reported a large number of young people experiencing serious illness.

“Many of them deteriorate very quickly and require immediate admission to the ICU. After that, it takes a considerable amount of time to stay in the ICU, which means capacity is also affected,” said Dr. Tam. Stated.

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“10 rounds with Tyson”

In Michigan, USA, the number of cases of coronavirus has skyrocketed again, and hospitals have been overwhelmed again, but they are also aware of changes in the age of patients.

According to doctors, young and healthy people infected with COVID-19 are housed in emergency and intensive care units.

One of them, construction worker Fred Romankewiz, 54, said he was trying to vaccinate CNN but canceled because he felt sick.

He was infected with COVID and his otherwise healthy and ill father was immediately hospitalized.

“I felt like I had 10 rounds with Mike Tyson,” Romankewiz told CNN.

“I was completely physically tired. I felt like I was beaten. I felt like I was in a car accident. That was crazy.”

Michigan is fighting the outbreak of two COVID-19 mutants. It is primarily a British strain, but there is also a mutation known as B1351 that occurred in South Africa.

Throughout the state, the daily hospitalizations of young patients with COVID are exploding due to the rapid spread of new variants.

For example, the number of COVID patients in their 30s has skyrocketed by 600%, and the number of patients in their 40s has increased by 800%.

The third mutation, which may also affect young people, is the P1 mutant, the Brazilian strain, which is also highly infectious.

Epidemiologist hit hard South American countries fear it could be three times more deadly Infected persons up to 45 years old.

In the first months of the pandemic, the average age of infected patients in Brazilian hospitals was between 60 and 65 years.

Currently, it is estimated to be sitting at about 37.

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Horrible worst situation

Epidemiologists are not only investigating the three new variants of concern, but also carefully monitoring other mutations to determine if they also pose a threat.

But experts know this because they know exactly the three things that are causing the worry:

1. They are extremely infectious and infect up to 70 percent more in the case of UK strains.

2. The illness caused can be more serious and lasting

3. The risk of needing hospitalization and acute care is much higher.So is the risk of death

4. Many young and healthy people are ill.

The rapid spread of new variants has forced governments to consider new infection control measures, from venue closures and non-essential rally caps to city closures.

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Paris has just entered a new blockade period to quell a new wave of infection as hospitals reach capacity, but Ontario, Canada, has also been blocked.

In the hit US states, authorities are trying to persuade citizens to wear masks to keep social distances or to reject health officials’ petition to take stricter measures.

In many parts of Western Europe, young people were the least likely to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, such as non-essential assembly restrictions.

Last weekend, images of a crowd of 20 and 30 emerged. When the country was hit by a heat wave, Germans packed it into the park for a picnic.

That is despite the fact that European countries are in the midst of a wave of catastrophic new infections, primarily in the form of British stocks.

The United States has recently witnessed a similar scene during spring break, with a huge number of vacation college students landing on beach hotspots like Miami.

“Young people are more mobile and engaged in more activities, which probably leads to an increase in the number of cases,” Dr. Linawen, a health professor at Dean of George Washington University in the United States, told CNN. Told.

COVID-19 variants from UK, Brazil, South Africa infecting young people and making them sick in great numbers Source link COVID-19 variants from UK, Brazil, South Africa infecting young people and making them sick in great numbers

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