COVID-19 restrictions ease across Greater Sydney as NSW records zero new local cases

Coronavirus-related restrictions across Greater Sydney have been relaxed after New South Wales again recorded zero cases of locally acquired virus on Sunday.

Zero new local cases from 24 hours to 8 pm on Saturday occurred from more than 12,200 tests, but hotel quarantine found three new cases.

As a result, the New South Wales Department of Health said in a statement on Sunday that temporary coronavirus-related restrictions in Greater Sydney (established 10 days ago after a mysterious incident in eastern Sydney) were relaxed after midnight on Sunday. Said.

The restrictions on personal gatherings at home have been lifted, all songs and dances are allowed, and public transport does not require the use of masks.

Despite the investigation, the New South Wales Department of Health said Sunday that the cause of the COVID-19 infection in men in eastern Sydney is unknown.

A man in his 50s and a traveler returning to the Sydney Hotel Quarantine had the same strain of the virus, but there is no known association with this pair.

The man subsequently infected his wife, but other known people did not.

“As these two cases show, COVID-19 can reappear at any time, so we can all continue to take practical steps to keep COVID safe. It’s important, “NSW Health’s Dr Natalie Klees said in a statement.

To date, approximately 920,000 COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in New South Wales, including state and federal-supervised jabs.

One COVID-19 patient in New South Wales is currently using an intensive care unit and mechanical ventilation.

Meanwhile, New South Wales public service unions have warned that lack of security and “increasing turmoil” are causing anxiety among state contact tracers.

In a statement on Saturday, the Civil Service Association interviewed infected residents and said that many of the workers tracking the COVID epidemic were not directly employed by the New South Wales government.

Instead, they are engaged through temporary worker employment arrangements.

The union said that “the turmoil in the list is growing,” and reported reports of rising absenteeism, increased turnover, and a plunge in morals.

Troy Wight, PSA’s assistant secretary, warned that workers, many of whom are stranded airline staff, may soon resign from their roles.

“Unstable work and a pandemic don’t mix,” Wright said.

“COVID-19 doesn’t go anywhere. We need to make our contact tracers full-time employees so they are there when they need them.”

Place of originCOVID-19 restrictions ease across Greater Sydney as NSW records zero new local cases

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