Covid-19: Queensland to give update on coronavirus numbers as vax push intensifies

The state government will provide up-to-date information on Covid-19 numbers after Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek warns residents that “we cannot protect you if you do not protect yourself.”

The Queensland Government has updated the state’s Covid-19 number after Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek warned state residents that “if you don’t protect yourself, we can’t protect you.” Will be provided.

Ms. Paraschuk appears to be using social media on Wednesday to urge Queensland residents to be vaccinated and warn of the reopening of Queensland.

“I need you to be vaccinated, and I need you to do it now,” she said.

“It takes five weeks from the first vaccination to full vaccination.

“Five weeks from today is November 17th, which is very close to Christmas.”

Ms. Paraschuk said the government “did everything it could to keep you safe.”

“Do we expect teens from vaccinated police?”

“But this next step is up to you,” she said.

The warning came as Victoria recorded 2297 new local cases and 11 deaths. This is the highest number of cases per day in Australia since the pandemic began early last year.

NSW recorded 406 new local cases and 6 deaths.

I will come more.

Queensland is not recording new local incidents as border rules are relaxed

October 13: Queensland has recorded zero new cases of locally acquired Covid-19 as pressure on the state’s reopening date increases.

Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek has announced a lack of proceedings in the Queensland Parliament.

The state has not recorded new local incidents since October 5.

In addition, no new incidents overseas have been recorded.

Federal Employment Minister Stuart Robert at the beginning of Wednesday He blamed the government and asked Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek to outline the state’s reopening plans...

at first Covid-19: Queensland provides up-to-date information on coronavirus counts as vax push intensifies

Place of originCovid-19: Queensland to give update on coronavirus numbers as vax push intensifies

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