Coronavirus Victoria: Daniel Andrews absent after outbreak bombshell

After Daniel Andrews had no show at yesterday’s daily press conference, a series of terrible exposures to Victoria’s infection control control emerged.

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews wasn’t seen anywhere yesterday after concerns emerged about the containment ring gap around Melbourne’s latest coronavirus outbreak.

Over the weekend, it was revealed that a large group of individuals were potentially exposed to the mutant. UK stocks After a female quarantine worker attended a family event in northern Melbourne on February 6.

Investigators initially did it Exposure site The following day, February 7, when the guest later returned a positive result after the worker showed a negative result, authorities examined the woman’s result and found that it was actually a “weak positive”. ..

This meant that the 38 guests who attended the rally were able to go public for a week before the danger was discovered.

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Since then, many guests have returned positive tests, including a 3-year-old child and a woman in her 50s from another household.

These cases mean that there are 16 cases related to the Holiday Inn cluster, and authorities are closely monitoring whether the mother of the child returns a positive result.

Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer of Victoria, defended the delay yesterday, claiming that false negatives and positives are rare events.

“We do not have a place of exposure for those who return a negative test. All we can do is pay attention to the other results obtained to know how the infection occurred. That’s what Professor Sutton said.

“The venue in Coburg was out of scope due to the negative test the day after the event took place.

“It was when we got another case from that setting that we identified that the infection might have occurred there.”

Prime Minister Daniel Andreuse was particularly absent during yesterday’s daily media briefing. Given that Victoria is in the midst of a five-day blockade, there is speculation that it is a very unusual move and that the blockade could be extended.

Questions have also been raised about Victoria’s infection control procedures, with leading virus experts claiming that the state’s protocol has failed.

Talk to Age, Professor Peter Corignon, a member of the Australian Government’s Group of Infection Control Experts, said all three of Victoria’s latest hotel outbreaks, including the Grand Hyatt, Park Royal and Holiday Inn, had “infection control violations.” ..

He specifically came up with a revelation that the use of a nebulizer may have been behind the outbreak of the holiday inn.

“Basic infection control procedures were not followed, which resulted in either an epidemic or an outbreak,” Professor Corignon told the publication.

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“Why do people in need of a nebulizer, the sick, go to a quarantine hotel instead of a medical hotel? And why could they use it unnoticed?”

Yesterday, three new COVID-19 cases were reported in Victoria. This includes 2 cases of local infection and 1 hotel quarantine.

The state government has also revealed Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Market, and several tram routes have been added to Victoria’s list of ever-increasing public exposure sites.

Health Department has added four new locations to Tier 1 Venue alert list Includes market and trams on Routes 11 and 58 on Sunday night.

The confirmed cases visited Queen Victoria Market on Queen Street, Melbourne, from 8:25 am to 10:10 am on February 11.

The case participated in Section 2-Fruits and Vegetables-and used the women’s toilet in Section 2.

Anyone who visits this section of the market during the same period should be immediately quarantined, tested and left quarantined for 14 days.

There are 21 cases active in Victoria, 15 of which are locally acquired.

Coronavirus Victoria: Daniel Andrews absent after outbreak bombshell Source link Coronavirus Victoria: Daniel Andrews absent after outbreak bombshell

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