Christian Porter slammed for using blind trust to pay for ABC defamation case

An unlikely alliance was formed over the “ridiculous” claim that Christian Porter did not know who was charging his statutory costs.

The allegation of not knowing who set up a blind trust to pay for Christian Porter’s defamation case has been labeled by the federal opposition as “absurd and unbelievable.”

On Wednesday, opposition leader Anthony Albanese argued that he had to attack the Minister of Industry over a blind trust and immediately disclose where the money came from.

He said the excuse given by Mr Porter was “simply unacceptable.”

“It’s unbelievable that people somehow knew about the fund and donated it to Christian Porter without their knowledge,” Albanese said.

“I don’t pass the pub test. I know the pub is closed now, but it hasn’t passed the pub test.”

His comment comes after the industry minister has revealed that a blind trust will contribute to his defamation proceedings against ABC journalist Louise Milligan. Attorneys’ fees in this case are estimated to be as high as $ 1 million.

Mr Porter said he would not declare a donor because he did not know who they were under the agreement.

“Some contributions to the payment of my fees by a blind trust, known as the Legal Services Trust. As a potential beneficiary, I have no access to information on trust implementation and financing,” he said. Written in the update to the registration of profits.

Item 14 of the register requires the member to declare a profit if a conflict of interest with the member’s public affairs is foreseeable or appears to occur.

Earlier Wednesday, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull doubled his criticism of his former colleagues.

He told ABC Radio that Mr. Porter’s decision to allow anonymous donations to cover his statutory costs was a “shocking insult to transparency.”

“If he doesn’t know the identity of the donor, he shouldn’t accept the money. It’s an end,” Turnbull said.

“Basically, what Porter says is that not only Australia but also the former Attorney General of Western Australia, the Australian Cabinet Minister, will receive large donations and large gifts without revealing anyone. That’s okay. The donor, and obviously, without him knowing who the donor is,

“That’s very wrong. I’m surprised.”

Both men intervened in the prime minister and asked Mr. Porter to force him to reveal who made the donation.

“If the prime minister allows this to be upheld, it’s a pursuit insult to transparency,” Turnbull said.

at first Christian Porter accused of using a blind trust to pay for ABC’s defamation case

Place of originChristian Porter slammed for using blind trust to pay for ABC defamation case

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