Chris Martin Sings BTS Collab ‘My Universe’ In Korean

Coldplay and BTS have abolished the long-awaited collaboration “My Universe”.

The Coldplay singer made an acoustic representation of the song released on Friday.Kelly Clarkson ShowMartin surprised host Kelly Clarkson by singing two BTS poems in his native language.

Martin sang some of Jungkook’s lyrics in Korean and translated in English “I fly to you every night / forget that it’s just a dream / I meet you with a smile”. genius..

A 44-year-old English singer also spoke V, RM, and Jimin’s poems in his native language, saying, “Darkness was more comfortable for me / in the long shadows / and they said we couldn’t be together. / Because we come from many different aspects. “

In the video, Clarkson seemed surprised when Martin started singing in Korean. She smiled and encouraged him by saying “please!” After Martin’s performance, Clarkson shouted, “What a hell!” When the audience cheered, they gave the “yellow” crooner a standing ovation.

Online users who watched the performance video uploaded to YouTube seemed as impressed as Clarkson by Martin singing the Korean lyrics.

“Chris Martin is a real jewel. The fact that he worked hard to learn how to sing Korean poetry. His band flying to South Korea to work with BTS also has immeasurable dedication and respect. “Shows,” commented one person.

“We can’t start expressing this effort that Chris put together. Music transcends the boundaries of language and culture, and Chris here proves it. He’s a wonderful person,” wrote another. ..

In an interview with Zane Lowe Apple Music 1, Martin shared that former manager Phil Harvey and producer Max Martin originally wanted to give a song to BTS. But they finally suggested that Coldplay should hold the song and later work with BTS.

“We started communicating with BTS and then went to South Korea,” Martin explained. “The concept is a song that love is difficult, forbidden, or can’t be put together completely … It felt really cool to have two bands. It’s a difficult love story, but the final It works. “”

Martin has become a big fan of BTS. “I love them and we love them,” he said, “thanks to the people who inspire the songs, to the people we sing with. I am grateful. “

Coldplay’s new album “Music of Spheres”, including “My Universe”, will be released on October 15th.

Chris Martin (center) spent an anniversary with former Gwyneth Paltrow on behalf of rumored girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence. Photo: Martin will co-star with U2 at Times Square on World AIDS Day on December 1st.
Photo: Reuters

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