China building invasion force to isolate Taiwan, test US

As China began large-scale military exercises in the South China Sea, the Communist administration took a chilling pride in testing Joe Biden’s determination.

Invasion of fighters into the west. East carrier strike group. Beijing seeks to isolate Taiwan from “foreign intervention” and prove that it can break the island’s democratic spirit.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to strengthen its rhetoric.

Beijing boasts new military exercises that prove that “the island is surrounded by aircraft carrier task groups from the east and the PLA on land in the west.”

The point of the operation was to show that “(People’s Liberation Army) surrounds Taiwan Island, isolates its army, has no escape, and has no chance of winning in the event of a situation.”

Positive claims relate to the deployment of the aircraft carrier Liaoning this week and the task force of five escorts to the island’s democratic east coast.

At the same time, a relentless investigation of Taiwan’s airspace included an important “push” by 12 fighters and 3 support aircraft.

As the drama unfolded, Washington sent destroyer USS John S. McCain to yet another “freedom of navigation” passage in the disputed Taiwan Strait. At the same time, the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and its escorts entered the South China Sea from the south.

“In a sense, every time Beijing raised its stake, Washington called it,” said ANU Security College Fellow, Director of the Lowy Institute. Natasha Qassam..

“This carries significant risks, especially the risk of misunderstandings and accidents escalating in the Taiwan Strait. However, this balanced escalation may also be stable. China decides on the United States. If you’re testing, Beijing seems to have some answers. “

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Line in the sand

Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security Thomas Sugart The use of gunboat diplomacy carries risks.

It may be impressive, but it’s not the only one.

“Chinese aircraft carriers operating east of Taiwan are not particularly worth using in that way. It is extremely vulnerable beyond the deep sea where (submarines) are rampant and China’s integrated air defense umbrella. “It could be,” Sugart told the US media.

According to Mr. Qassam, such an example of China’s ambition pushed Taiwan and the United States closer together. Meanwhile, Washington’s lasting military presence and support for encouragement appear to be working.

Qassam points out the recent “two sessions” of China’s national convention. The idea of ​​a positive “National Unity Law” aimed at Taiwan emerged. Eventually, the central committee endorsed the usual “fixed phrase” and removed it.

“For now, China’s goal seems to be to prevent Taiwan from declaring independence, rather than forcing unity,” she says.

“The United States guarantees that its commitment to Taiwan is not a preparation for war, but a factor in Beijing’s thinking. This will make the region more stable and will not diminish.”

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Rhetoric assault

“Taiwanese secessionists are rampant because of the illusion that countries like the United States and Japan will support them in the event of a situation. The PLA not only cracks down on Taiwanese secessionists. Shows that it affects foreign interfering forces, “said a CCP-approved Navy commentator. Shi Hong Said Global Times this week.

Meanwhile, Taipei’s democratically elected government responded by declaring its determination to “fight to the end.”

Foreign Minister Wu told reporters, “We are ready to defend ourselves without any doubt, and if we need to fight war, we will fight it.” “And if we need to protect ourselves until the last day, we will protect ourselves until the last day.”

He also said he was confident that Washington would fulfill its promise of support.

“Taiwan’s defense is our responsibility. We will do our best to improve our defense,” Wu said.

“From my limited understanding of American decision makers monitoring trends in the region, they clearly see the danger of China launching an attack on Taiwan.”

However, Beijing emphasized the cost of human life and sought to emphasize the supplies that accompany any intervention.

“People’s Liberation Army aircraft carrier exercises are routine and aimed at comprehensively enhancing combat capabilities and countering Taiwanese separatists rather than specific countries, but the United States is at the gateway to China. It must be understood that warship activity does not outweigh the PLA’s vigilance. ” Global Times Declared.

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Scissors tactics

The Taiwan Strait has been an important focus of activity since Tsai Ing-wen was reelected as President of Taiwan last year.

China’s invasion of the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea has reached record levels in recent months. Currently, drones and warships are regularly added to the deadly equation.

Military analysts believe it is part of an effort to “test” the US President’s determination. Joe Biden, And tensions Taiwan’s morale. The confluence of this week’s military exercises aimed to demonstrate Beijing’s ability to “suppress and block foreign intervention as needed.”

“Attacking from all directions makes it harder to defend your enemies because you don’t know where the main force comes from,” Shi said. Global Times..

“This tactic can isolate the island’s troops from foreign intervention and break the Taiwanese secessionist illusion that US or Japanese troops can come to their aid in the event of a situation. . “

But Taiwan is not a “separatist”. It wasn’t part of the Communist Party of China.

Instead, the Government of the Republic of China fled mainland China to Taiwan during the 1949 Revolution. The authoritarian regime has since evolved into a prosperous democracy.

However, Communist Beijing believes that the island, which has changed ownership many times over the last few centuries, is its “unique” territory.

Thus, it intends to continue to increase its army’s strangler fig grip.

“(These) events are a coincidence and will happen more and more often in the future as China’s aircraft carrier program progresses,” Shi warns.

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‘Big concern’

US State Department spokesman Ned Price reported on Wednesday the Biden administration’s “great concern” about Beijing’s efforts to threaten neighboring countries, especially Taipei.

“The United States maintains the ability to resist any means of coercion or other forms of coercion that would endanger the safety and social or economic systems of Taiwanese people,” Price said. It was.

But Beijing has nothing to prevent it.

“We do not allow US warships to profit at our doorstep,” said a Communist military critic. Wei Dongshu He told the Chinese state media.

He mentioned the Liaoning aircraft carrier fighting group as an example of China New military power..

“The 10,000-ton class Type 055 destroyer not only provides a powerful air defense cover for carrier strike groups, but also uses anti-ship missiles and land-attack missiles to launch attacks with the Liaoning J-15 fighter. We do, “said Wei. ..

Senior Captain Gao Xiucheng, a PLA Navy spokesman, said the Liaoning Aircraft Carrier Task Group is conducting “annual scheduled training.”

He also emphasized that this is the first time the PLA Navy has conducted this “regular” exercise.

“Regular exercises by military aircraft and warships are a deterrent and warning to Taiwanese separatists and foreign troops trying to interfere with China’s internal affairs by sending false signals to Taiwanese separatists,” he said. Said.

Jamie Seidel is a freelance writer | @JamieSeidel

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China building invasion force to isolate Taiwan, test US Source link China building invasion force to isolate Taiwan, test US

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