Charles and Philip’s private final conversations

A royal insider details Prince Phillip’s last bedside conversation with his son Charles after years of widespread controversy.

The father-son relationship that existed between Prince Phillip and his eldest son, Prince Charles, faced lifelong tensions, but after Duke’s death, sources said the pair had recently “many things in common.” I made it clear that I found it.

Prince Phillip asked to see his son Charles after he was completely aware that he was unlikely to recover after a few weeks of hospitalization.

Then they connect heart to heart, which shows a vastly altered relationship between father and son.

In an emotional bedside conversation, the Duke advises Prince Charles about taking care of the Queen when he left and how Charles should lead the royal family over the years to come. Did.

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He also wanted to die inside the walls of Windsor Castle.

After a highly publicly controversial life, including environmental issues such as organic farming, royal writer Robert Jobson said the pair “found a lot in common in the last few months.”

Jobson also said Philip “advised him to take care of the Queen when Prince Charles died,” sharing his personal opinion on how Charles should lead the royal family. Rough period First, Daily mail report.

“They have always loved each other-it was never a problem, but with deeper respect and it was growing,” a source close to the royal family told the media.

“They shared a common position on the future direction of the monarchy, religious issues, and even the environment. They both believe in interreligious dialogue and speak frankly and honestly. I believed it would only help strengthen the community and understanding.

“Father and son who loved each other and enjoyed the relationship of mutual respect and affection.

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“During the last years of Philip’s life, they were the closest ever.”

After his father’s death, Charles said he was “very” missed and Duke was “very deeply moved” by the rush of sorrow.

“My dad wanted to say that for the past 70 years, he has done the most notable devoted service not only to the Queen, my family, and the country, but the entire federation,” Prince Charles told ITV. Told.so Video statement From High Grove, Gloucestershire.

“As you can imagine, my family and I miss my father very much.

“He was a very beloved and acclaimed person. Above all, he was deeply impressed by many other people in the rest of the world and in the Commonwealth. They too lost us. Share and our sorrow.

“My beloved dad was a very special person. Above all, I was surprised by the reaction and emotion he was told about him. From that point of view, our family is deeply grateful for all of that. ..

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“It supports us during this particular loss and this particularly sad time. Thank you.”

On April 17, a ceremonial royal funeral will take place at the St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, with 30 family members and close friends attending an intimate service.

Prince Harry travels from the United States to the United Kingdom with his family for the ceremony, but his wife, Megan, remains at his home in California.

The palace confirmed in a statement that the Duchess of Sussex, who was pregnant with her and Harry’s second child, was “advised not to travel” by her doctor.

Instead, Harry travels alone and follows the Covid-19 protocol for travel as well as during travel.

Sources close to Megan reportedly said she had made “every effort” to get there.

“The Duchess made every effort to travel with the Duchess, but unfortunately she did not receive medical permission from her doctor,” they told royal journalists. Omidskoby.

It’s also the first time Harry has met his family in person, following Harry and Megan. Bomb interview with Oprah, They blamed the royal family of racism.

Charles and Philip’s private final conversations Source link Charles and Philip’s private final conversations

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