Changing the Liberal Party’s blokey culture should start with Queensland

Former Queensland Liberal National Party Senator Sue Boyce believes that “practicalism will ultimately win.” But it’s definitely a difficult battle.

Former Senator Sue Voice (Image: AAP / Alan Polit)

If Scott Morrison intends to change the LDP culture, he must first take on Queensland-and good luck given the important role the state played in winning the final federal elections. I will.

The numbers that indicate the recidivism status of Queensland LNP are from the Liberal Party itself. Queensland was the only state to retreat in terms of the number of female candidates in the last federal election, according to a 2020 study by the Menzies Research Center on Genji and Politics, but overall the number is small. Has increased.

According to a survey, in the 2016 election, 23.3% of Queensland’s LNP candidates were women, down to 17.4% in 2019. The proportion of female candidates rose slightly in New South Wales (3%) and remained flat in Victoria and Western Australia. 12% in South Australia.

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Place of originChanging the Liberal Party’s blokey culture should start with Queensland

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