Central America Braces For Strengthening Hurricane Eta

According to the US National Hurricane Center, Eta rushed towards the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and Honduras on Monday, strengthening her into a Category 3 hurricane.

According to the NHC, the hurricane was packed with sustained winds at 110 mph (175 km) when it struck the Caribbean Sea 140 mph northeast of the Nicaraguan coastal city of Bilwi.

Eta, traveling at 9 mph, is expected to land just north of Birwi, a major town in the Caribbean region of Nicaragua, early Tuesday.

“Life-threatening storm surges, devastating winds, flash floods and landslides are expected in parts of Central America,” the NHC said in a newsletter.

“Flash floods and river floods can occur in Jamaica, southeastern Mexico, El Salvador, southern Haiti, and the Cayman Islands,” he warned.

Dangerous storm surges are expected to be up to 18 feet (5 meters) higher than normal tide levels in areas along the northeastern coast of Nicaragua and up to 5 feet higher than normal on the coast of Honduras, where tropical cyclone warnings were issued. Effectiveness.

Members of the Honduran Air Force will load supplies to the province of Glacias Adios, a resident of Puerto Lempira, in preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Eta, who will arrive in Tegucigalpa on November 2, 2020.
AFP / Orlando Sierra

Eta rained heavily on Costa Rica on Sunday, and authorities evacuated people from the country’s South Pacific coast.

“The eyes of the hurricane are right above and near Bilwi,” local resident Limbolt Bucardo told AFP.

“There are concerns from the population, many flood areas, and people are looking for ways to pack their goods and go to shelters.”

According to Bucardo, residents stocked up food, lamps, radios and plastic bags to protect their belongings.

“The house is completely fragile and is an old wooden house lined with plastic,” said Kevin Gonzalez, an ambulance volunteer, who cannot withstand strong winds.

According to Gonzales, 1,600 indigenous people were evacuated from the Kayo Mayor Islands in the hurricane path on Sunday.

The government sent 88 tonnes of food to the area on Sunday and sent ambulance crews to assist in communications and infrastructure repairs after the hurricane.

Central America Braces For Strengthening Hurricane Eta Source link Central America Braces For Strengthening Hurricane Eta

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