Carrie Bickmore bursts into tears during The Project

One deep and personal story from fellow panelists on the project has completely destroyed Carrie Bigmore on the air.

Project host Carrie Bigmore was thrilled after panelist Kate Langbrook talked about her family’s childhood cancer experience in an episode on Tuesday night.

The show was just aired A story about 3-year-old Manori PluckhanA boy fighting aggressive cancer that affects only one in 100,000 children in Australia.Pluck Hahn family Currently raising funds Not available in Australia to “ori” the treatment he needs.

At the end of the story, Bigmore seemed to be speechless for a moment. “You do anything for your child, right?” She said. “Often limited by money. The more these treatments can be brought to Australia, the less these families will have to go abroad to do this …”

Langburg then shared her own personal story – her son Lewis, now 17 years old, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2009. Called before “Severe, terrible, scary, and painful three and a half years.”

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“Childhood cancer is especially difficult. My son was diagnosed with leukemia. Remember, Carrie,” she said, holding hands by Bigmore.

“I remember seeing other little bald children when we were first hospitalized. I only saw baldness. And I spent time there and my son became bald. After I became, I learned to meet my child. When I meet my child, you do anything to help your child. It’s very powerful, “Langbroek said.

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Bigmore turned to the camera, but broke down with a sob and apologized for co-host Waleed Ali intervening to end the segment and sending it to an advertising break.

Cancer research and awareness is a cause very close to Bigmore’s mind: her First husband Greg Lange died in 2010 After a decade of fighting brain tumors.

That personal tragedy spurred her to create a charity for brain tumors, Beanies, which received the most attention in 2015 when she wore Beanies to accept Gold Logie.

Ann A moving episode of last year’s project Dedicated to brain tumor recognition, raised over $ 3.5 million for the Beanies for Brain Cancer Foundation.

“Survival hasn’t changed for 30 years,” Carrie told viewers during the episode.

“It’s not enough, it doesn’t change until more research is done, and it doesn’t happen until more funding is raised.”

Carrie Bickmore bursts into tears during The Project Source link Carrie Bickmore bursts into tears during The Project

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