Caroline Crouch death in Greece: Murdered mum’s chilling final moments

A horrific Greek robbery tortured and strangled a British woman in front of her baby. Warning: Graphic content.

A thief who tortured and killed an English mother in Greece could be caught in DNA under her fingernails when she fought for life.

Samples from Caroline Crouch’s fingernails show evidence of her desperate struggle as she was strangled in a T-shirt and is currently being investigated by investigators.

Tragic Caroline, 20, was tortured and strangled after pointing a gun at the head of her baby Lydia, her home in Athens.

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Officials and politicians have described the attack as “evil” and “brutal,” and her husband, Charalambos Anagnostopros, 32, is helping investigators hunt gangsters.

He said the couple begged for their lives as Caroline shouted for help while being tortured.

“While I was tied to the floor, I heard my wife tied to the bed and screaming for help,” Anagnostpros said in an emotional statement.

I shouted not to get hurt. We asked the thief not to hurt us. We told them where the money was and asked them to leave us alone.

The baby was crying, the wife was crying, and someone or some people were looking for more money and jewelery. Suddenly they left the room and couldn’t hear his wife’s voice. “

Postmortem examinations have been done to date, and it is believed she may have been strangled with her T-shirt. report..

Meanwhile, police are collecting samples from the couple’s clothes and Caroline’s fingernails.

“Fought for her life”

“A sample from the clothes the couple wore during the incident and the nails of the victims who fought for her life and the life of the baby was collected and could help identify the perpetrators in general. We are looking for any material, “said the spokesman.

CCTV footage from nearby homes and businesses was also investigated, and a visit was also conducted in the suburbs of high-end Athens, where a horrific invasion took place early Tuesday morning.

Another police officer quoted in the Greek media claimed that the gang was identified and well known.

“The three robbers are professionals. They have what we call a criminal record,” the police officer said.

“That is, they are marked, have gone through jail, and after all, they are people with strong antisocial elements and a complete lack of emotion.”

He said the sadistic gang “used his hands” to kill his young mother, despite having weapons in “long-term physical contact” with the victims.

Police said the murderer had the opportunity to leave, but did not.

“This clearly shows the intent of their killing. In robbery, the problem is money. You didn’t have to kill to reach your goal.

“They took money, but they will be prosecuted for murder. A crime that sends them behind the bar for years.”

The three robbers broke the CCTV camera, hung the family dog ​​with a leash, and then broke into the family’s two-story house at 4:30 am.

According to the news site TaneaThe fourth criminal continued to monitor outside the house as the other three found him sleeping with his child in the attic bedroom.

Gangsters reportedly still demanded more, eventually escaping over $ 54,000 in both cash and valuables.

Caroline’s English father emigrated to Greece 20 years ago and now lives with a Filipino wife who is said to be in Athens with an investigator.

Marirena Poniraki, who taught Caroline on the island of Alonnisos, where she lived with her parents, paid tribute to her.

“I always remember she was very happy. She was a very noteworthy creature. I’m very sorry what happened.”

This story was published by Sun Reproduced with permission.

Caroline Crouch death in Greece: Murdered mum’s chilling final moments Source link Caroline Crouch death in Greece: Murdered mum’s chilling final moments

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