Candice Warner: New role with Seven for Tokyo Olympics

Candice Warner is in the spotlight from her husband, David, as he is ready to attend the world’s largest sporting event.

Exclusive: Candice Warner’s Olympic moment has arrived, and former champion Iron Woman has joined the Tokyo Olympics Network Seven studio commentary team.

“Sports are my first love and always my great passion,” Warner said.

“I’m now able to comment on the men’s and women’s triathlon and the open water 10km marathon … I’m really excited.”

As a small nipper, Warner grew up wanting to be an Olympic athlete.

“I never had that opportunity in my sport,” she said.

“But to be part of the commentary team with some of those voices and the (source) of such great sports quotes, to be honest, my dream came true and I’m really honored.”

Warner predicts a “great success”, partly because of the way the Australian team in Tokyo dealt with the COVID crisis.

“Many of our athletes haven’t participated in the blockades seen in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom,” she said.

“Athletes were able to get ready, go to the pool, cycle and run, so I really feel that these Olympics in Australia are excellent.”

Warner became famous at the age of 14 as Australia’s youngest professional iron woman in history.

“I understand the stroke aspect of things. Whether you’re breathing or kicking, it’s very different from a stroke in the pool,” she said.

“Also (I know) how important feeds are. In open water swimming over 10 km, eat these baits, stop gels, rehydrate and increase caffeine along the way. Is what I want to know.

“‘What are these athletes doing? Why can they last so long? What kind of training did they do in the lead-up … or why some athletes wore goggles and Do some athletes not wear it?

“I really understand the sport because I had a competitive swim in the pool and the sea.”

Luis Martin, Head of Seven Network Sports, said Warner knew exactly what it took to succeed in elite sports.

“Candice has emerged as a very promising commentator,” Martin said.

“She brings insider understanding to the coverage of triathlon and marathon swimming in Tokyo and joins seven unparalleled commentary teams, including some of Australia’s greatest Olympic heroes.”

Warner is particularly excited to introduce Australia to new athletes and welcome three girls from home.

“It would be really different for my daughters to see the Olympics and hear their mother call,” Warner said. “In order for them to see,’Well, you have to work for something so that you can get it, you just don’t get what was handed over.'” ”

Don’t expect Warner to look at post-Olympic cricket commentary.

“The last thing David wanted was his wife’s (commentary) about his performance,” she laughed.

“I don’t know how well a marriage will survive!”

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Candice Warner: New role with Seven for Tokyo Olympics Source link Candice Warner: New role with Seven for Tokyo Olympics

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