Can Vaginal Discharge Discolor Your Underwear?

Have you ever noticed a discoloration of the fabric in the crotch of clean underwear?Machi — This happens to be the area of ​​your underwear Vaginal discharge It usually touches and dries — it may have appeared to be bleached or lightened.

So, to find out if the cause of this discoloration that some people experience is vaginal discharge, and if it’s a concern, we contact a few knowledgeable experts. Did. First, think of their theory.

With a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, according to Amy Roskin, MD, JD Pill clubDiscoloration of the underwear fabric, the chief medical officer of the vagina, is generally not a sign of medical problems, but may represent a normal, weakly acidic pH of the vagina. This is typically in the range 3.8-4.2.

“Sometimes normal or” physiological “vaginal discharge can also be mildly acidic. [it] It can cause this bleaching effect. ”

But she also added that not everyone is actually experiencing this phenomenon because every individual is different. You may even have friends who say they can’t get involved.

It is also important to remember that the vagina, and therefore vaginal discharge, is not always mildly acidic. “Vaginal discharge can come from a variety of sources,” explained Dr. Roskin. Vaginal infection called “for example”Bacterial vaginosis‘ [BV] It occurs in and can cause a more alkaline vaginal environment. Therefore, the discharge in that case is not acidic. ”

Anna Kabeka, DO, Triple Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and Author Hormone correctionHe also said that there is a “spectrum” in the vaginal environment.For example, she sometimes said it was very acidic Yeast infection, And it can also cause discoloration of clothing.

Before blaming this discoloration situation for discharge, be aware that there are other theories among experts.

Alyssa Dweck, MD, a gynecologist in Westchester County, NY, who hosts the podcast V’s business, When INTIMINASexual and reproductive health experts suggest that discoloration of the underwear fabric is likely due to washing.

“The products people use [the] Vaginal pH / biome and leakage of these destructive factors are causing staining, “she added.

Anyway, if you notice something different or are worried about vaginal discharge, talk to your doctor. From time to time, discharge can tell us what is happening in our body.

“People with vagina are usually familiar with the quantity and quality of secretions that are normal for them,” Dr. Dweck added. “The secretions depend on the cycle and hormonal contraceptives, because malodorous, persistent, itchy / irritating, or bloody secretions can be a sign of an infection such as BV, yeast, or STI. , You need to check in. ”

She also added that abnormal secretions can be a sign of structural problems, loss of tampons or condoms, abnormal cervical cells, and rarely certain cancers. ..

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