Campsie Centre Shopping Mall: Entire shopping centre exposed for 11 days

A potentially large-scale Covid-19 infection event could spread after 11 days of exposure to an entire shopping center visited by “thousands” every day in southwestern Sydney.

The fact that it is a “very popular shopping center” is very worrisome to officials who warn that “many people in the community are exposed” and that the virus could spread further. I am concerned.

NSW Health identified a major location of concern late Monday night, and anyone visiting the Campsie Center shopping mall between Wednesday, July 14th and Saturday, July 24th would be considered a close contact. Immediately took the test and warned that it should be quarantined for 14 days, regardless of the result.

NSW Health has confirmed that “forward transmission” has already begun.

Many other sites in Campsie Have been identified that’s why Close contacts At the same time, Greater Sydney reportedly set an additional four-week blockade in the fight to contain a delta spread containing a total of 172 new cases, which reached a maximum on Tuesday.

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media_cameraCampsie Center Shopping Mall.

Workers at the Center in the Canterbury-Bankstown Municipal Area (LGA) are also forced to isolate themselves as the community prepares for the worst.

“Campsie is a community of many cases, distinguishing between what the source of the infection is and where people are traveling when they are infected,” said Jeremy McCanarty of Health, New South Wales. Can be difficult. “

“As time went on, it became clear that many incidents visited the shopping centers there and many Campsie stores were found to be infected.”

Calasfor, the mayor of Canterbury Bankstown, where the center is located, told ABC that it is Campsie’s largest shopping complex, 11 kilometers southwest of Sydney CBD. The population of this area is about 24,500.

He warned that thousands of residents had visited the center. “Every day … I’m really worried that there are so many people who would have visited a center that needs to be isolated now for a long time because they buy what they need to survive through the test. Please take it, “he said.

Asfour revealed that “many” residents of the area work throughout the city because they are indispensable workers such as workers, retail supermarkets and transportation.

“Unfortunately, the risk is that they catch the virus and bring it to Canterbury Bankstown and their homes.”

Asfour said surveillance tests need to be “increased” and health officials have expressed concern that they are not “prepared for the potential increase we are trying to obtain.”

Healthcare workers and senior care workers living in Canterbury Bankstown LGA are required to undergo a surveillance test every 72 hours in accordance with the rules already in place at Fairfield.

He said it would “really hurt our community” because the center felt “lost internal organs” for the length of time it was exposed and it awaits potentially disastrous consequences. rice field.

He listened to the residents for health advice and urged them to stay home and be examined.

“We need to make sure that the people who work there and those who visit them take the test in self-quarantine, because the virus will continue to hurt us unless we do the right thing.

Canterbury Bankstown is already in one of five suburbs under stricter rules, where residents cannot leave the area of ​​the municipality in which you live unless you are an authorized worker.

People living in Canterbury-Bankstown LGA can only work in out-of-town health or geriatric care if they have been tested for COVID-19 in the last 72 hours.

These workers include everyone who works in a geriatric care facility and those who provide medical or auxiliary or support services, including cleaners, cooks, and security providers.

This concern is the same as that of Westfield Bondi Junction in eastern Sydney, where thousands of shoppers were forced to take tests during the week last month.

The center was a source of concern after a limousine driver in his 60s, who transported international crew members, attended the scene before returning a positive result on June 16.

Anyone who visited the center between June 12th and 18th, including the parking lot, was asked to come in front of us.

“Now, thousands of additional people may need to be tested,” Beregikrian said at the time.

“We have the ability to do that and urge people to move forward. Make sure that the more tests we have, the more we don’t miss the line of transmission in the community. Will be a better number for. “

Initially published as follows “Many people are exposed”: Great fear of mass spread

Place of originCampsie Centre Shopping Mall: Entire shopping centre exposed for 11 days

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