Camfil Megalam HEPA panel filters for health care

Camfil’s Megalam ProSafe series terminal HEPA panel filters are designed for turbulent and laminar flow applications in high-tech clean rooms, clean benches, and clean air devices and are installed in terminal housings, clean room ceilings, and laminar flow benches. I can do it.

All Camfil Megalam ProSafe filters available with HEPA (H14) and ULPA (U15, U16) efficiencies against EN1822 are thoroughly tested, individually certified and the most for leak-free operation. It guarantees high performance under critical conditions and is delivered individually packaged. Hygienic bag.

Manufactured from high quality materials that comply with European Food Contact Regulations (EC) No 1935: 2004, Megalam ProSafe HEPA panel filters are clean room free of the toxic chemicals bisphenol A, phthalates, and formaldehyde. Decontamination and cleaning procedures (hydrogen peroxide and other commonly used agents).

Compliant with the BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety, Megalam ProSafe filters comply with ISO 846: 2019 Antibacterial Growth Standard and HVAC System Standard VDI6022 Hygiene.

For more information:–ulpa-filters/cleanroom-panels/megalam/megalam-prosafe-_-48221..

Camfil Megalam HEPA panel filters for health care Source link Camfil Megalam HEPA panel filters for health care

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