Calls from western Sydney community leaders to ‘heal the divide’ as tougher COVID-19 rules come into force

As some residents of western and southwestern Sydney were exposed to stricter COVID-19 rules, community leaders called on the state’s prime minister to “heal the divisions that took place in Greater Sydney.”

On Monday, measures, including a curfew, came into effect for people living in the areas of interest of 12 local governments in Sydney.

Twenty-one councilors across the LGA of concern sent a joint letter to NSW Prime Minister Gladys Beregicrian over the weekend calling for more “consistent” restrictions and enforcement throughout the Greater Sydney region.

“For the past few weeks, our LGA has faced restrictions in addition to other parts of Sydney. Despite a previous statement that the curfew was ineffective, LGA of concern. The recent implementation of a dedicated curfew is the latest example, “they write.

“Continuous changes in public health orders and the exclusion and inclusion of certain LGAs and suburbs make it difficult to interpret and disseminate important public health information.

“Clear, consistent and easy-to-follow information during the crisis saves lives, especially among socio-economically, culturally and linguistically less diverse communities.”

The councilor said that the “contradiction” of additional geo-based restrictions and “statements from politicians and media commentators, and footage of numerous people in other parts of Sydney” caused confusion and “exiled” to locals. He wrote that he made him feel “exiled” and “exiled.” Subject to double standards. ”

“It also fostered a dangerous undercurrent of resentment in our community, creating a deep gap between the’LGA of concern’and the rest of Sydney,” they write.

Canterbury Bankstown Mayor Khal Asfour told ABC Radio on Monday that the curfew felt the community was punished, although the number of cases was stable.

“That is, it’s the premiere that continues to be told that the curfew doesn’t work,” he said.

“It wasn’t necessarily the curfew that most people were upset about. But if there are suburbs or areas of interest that don’t really have a COVID number at all, that doesn’t apply to everyone, and there are 12 interests. It’s true that it applies only to the field. “

When asked why low-volume local governments like Burwood and Strathfield remained under strict rules, Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr. Marianna Gale told reporters Monday that the problem was society. He said it was a close connection with the proximity between the groups.

“Once the delta enters the community, infections occur very easily, and that’s the reality we’re facing how contagious this delta variant is,” she said. ..

Cumberland Mayor Steve Christow told SBS News that he felt they were chosen in criticism of COVID-19 rule violators.

He pointed out the reaction to Illegal party in Maroubra in the eastern part of the city, Infects at least 16 people and is described as a superspreader event.

“Yes, I understand that the residents of Maroubra may have been fined,” Christou said.

“But where is the story that we are now talking about blockades that occur in and around the suburbs?

“I can’t hear it. That’s the problem.”

On Friday … the boy called the council and said, “I’m an interpreter for my mother, we need food, we don’t have money.

Christou said many families were seriously affected by existing blockades that had been in place for more than eight weeks south and west of the city.

“Every day, Congress is flooded with residents who can’t afford to pay mortgages, rents, bills, or put food on the table to feed their children. That’s sad.” He said.

“On Friday … the boy called the council and said,” I’m an interpreter for my mother. I need food. I don’t have the money. And if you can help, can I have some Nutella, I really want some Nutella. ”

Cumberland City Council Mayor Steve Christou

SBS News

Despite the increasing number of cases, Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian has decided to give some freedom to fully vaccinated residents after the state has reached 6 million vaccinations. I’m sticking.

The Prime Minister has detailed details on whether these freedoms will be available in the LGA of concern, where exercise is currently limited to one hour a day and outdoor leisure (sitting in the park) is not allowed. I didn’t reveal it.

“We’re definitely not sending a positive message at this point,” Christou said.

“Every weekend, I see pictures of Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach is probably full of people who continue to live uninterrupted. Still, the western LGA is under extreme blockage and curfew. It has been issued. It gives rise to the perception of this division. “

Ms. Beregikrian also promised details about whether students would return to the classroom in the fourth semester.

“It’s important for us to make sure we’ve considered all the issues related to the return of the school. We’ll let you know if we have any specific advice,” said Beregikrian.

Christou said interested LGA students need to be given the same access to the classroom.

“This is a big impact. These young children are experiencing the most important times of their lives,” he said.

“They interrupted schooling, homeschooling is by no means perfect, and frankly, it’s not enough.”

Place of originCalls from western Sydney community leaders to ‘heal the divide’ as tougher COVID-19 rules come into force

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