‘Calling Vote Unfair Doesn’t Make It So’

The Federal Court of Appeals on Friday flatly dismissed President Donald Trump’s allegation that the elections were unfair and refused to freeze Joe Biden’s victory in the major states of Pennsylvania.

In a bitter review of the Trump campaign’s allegations that the president was deceived in the re-election on November 3, three judges in the Court of Appeals unanimously stated that the allegations of injustice were not supported by evidence. ..

“The crime of injustice is serious, but calling the election unfair does not mean that,” the court said.

The judge said the Trump campaign claimed discrimination in appealing the lower court’s ruling.

“But that alchemy can’t convert lead to gold,” the court said.

This is the latest in more than 20 court defeats nationwide for the Trump campaign, with Republicans claiming fraud and other illegal activities contributing to the president’s loss.

Trump continues to argue that Biden’s clear victory is invalid.

“As you know, this election was a scam,” he told reporters Thursday.

Last week, a Pennsylvania court dismissed Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani’s claim that millions of votes in the state should be destroyed for fraud.

The U.S. Federal Court of Appeals said President Donald Trump did not provide evidence to support the allegations of “unfair” elections.

However, the judge in that case by forcing him to admit that none of his exact claims in court was more than a fraud or technical issue in monitoring the number of votes. Giuliani was embarrassed.

On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania government officially confirmed Biden’s victory in the state, and the Trump campaign appealed to federal court to freeze that finding.

However, the Court of Appeals said Trump’s campaign was nothing substantive to discuss.

“The claim is vague and conclusive,” the judge said.

“No one claims to treat Trump campaigns and Trump votes worse than Biden campaigns and Biden votes.”

The court has indicated that another appeal to the US Supreme Court will not go anywhere, as the national lead and electoral colleges in Biden’s referendum are currently virtually unattackable.

“The campaign has already filed proceedings and lost most of these issues,” the court said.

“The campaign cannot win the proceedings. It admitted that it did not claim fraud.”

Nonetheless, Trump Campaign Attorney Jenna Ellis, who worked with Giuliani in the case, tweeted her intention to appeal.

“Pennsylvania activist judiciary continues to cover up allegations of large-scale fraud … to SCOTUS!” She said, referring to the Supreme Court.

‘Calling Vote Unfair Doesn’t Make It So’ Source link ‘Calling Vote Unfair Doesn’t Make It So’

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