Bundaberg mum sets up GoFundMe page following son’s terminal cancer diagnosis

For Richard Duncan, lovingly known as RJ, every moment he can spend with his family is precious.

The four Marieboro dads were recently diagnosed that no one wanted to hear-he was dead from cancer.

Mam Sue Campbell, who lives in Bundaberg, said doctors described the RJ’s condition as a “time bomb.”

“It’s really rough for all of us,” she said.

media_cameraRichard Duncan courageously faced his diagnosis of terminal cancer.

“He knew it was colon cancer, and we didn’t have much time to accept it before we knew it would spread to his liver.”

The family was then told that the diagnosis was final.

So the 39-year-old dad wants to take the children of Anton (12), Destiny (11), Tyrell (9) and Zander (5) on the last expedition. I will.

In fact, the fulfilling time between his child and his wife Dennis is so important to a man in a hard-working family that he is part of the chemotherapy treatment to make him feel a little better the rest of the time with his family. I quit.

Bundaberg women Sue Campbell and children.
media_cameraBundaberg women Sue Campbell and children.

It’s a trade-off that saves the little time he has left.

“I told me he accepted to die, but the hardest thing is, like everything at the beginning, everything he would miss with his children,” says Ms Campbell. It was.

“He doesn’t want anything from anyone. He’s very proud and has been a worker since he was 14 years old.”

In addition to his cancer pain, RJ is currently suffering from horrific pain as his spinal joints deteriorate and reveal his nerve endings.

RJ plans to buy a video camera to continue his last adventure with his family.

The diagnosis of RJ came as a shock to loved ones.
media_cameraThe diagnosis of RJ came as a shock to loved ones.

“It will be the first and last trip they can make,” said Ms. Campbell.

“He was ill when he was young. This is one fight I can’t help him with.

“You never think it will happen to you.”

When it came to being there for his brother, it wasn’t too much of a problem for RJ. Some of my brothers live in Bundaberg.

RJ said he is doing his best to remain positive for the children.

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Initially published as follows The last wishes of four fathers before cancer killed him

Place of originBundaberg mum sets up GoFundMe page following son’s terminal cancer diagnosis

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