Brussels anti-lockdown concert ‘fake’: Police clash with protesters

April Fool’s mischief was terribly wrong after police recorded reaping a topless woman in protest against the blockade.

Warning: Annoying footage.

The wild scene unfolds in the European city of Brussels, where April Fool’s mischief was terribly wrong.

Thousands of people are clashing with police in the park after collecting what they believed was a large concert, despite coronavirus regulations being enforced.

Participants were informed about the concert featuring at least eight stages and numerous DJs, but there was no entertainment when they appeared. Instead, they were met by brute force police.

In one particularly disturbing video, a young woman appears to be undressed when many police on horseback pass by and slam her into the ground.

Bystanders are in a hurry to help her while she lies still on the grass, but police do not stop to give help.

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In the other image, the police officer’s face is covered with blood while the police officer holds the protester on the ground.

According to journalists who witnessed the scene, the crowd turned on police. A projectile was thrown at a police officer who was wearing a riot police but needed the help of a water cannon to keep the crowds in the Bois de Cambre Park on the south side of the Belgian capital.

Police said three police officers were injured, one was taken to the hospital and four were arrested, but there are reports that the number of arrests was significantly higher.

Police wore protective helmets, moved forward in a row, and moved to enforce strict COVID-19 social distance expansion rules prohibiting outdoor gatherings of four or more people.

Law enforcement officials in Brussels on Wednesday warned that the “party” announcement on social media was illegal and its organizers could be prosecuted.

Belgium imposed stricter restrictions on Saturday with the aim of curbing the surge in COVID infections.

This includes closing schools, maintaining border closures, restricting access to non-essential stores, and reducing the number of people who can meet outdoors to four.

One participant, Selim Jevira, told AFP that he was “exposed to tear gas for no reason.”

Mayor Philip Clos of Brussels tweeted that “such gatherings are not allowed,” although people who want to go out in the spring weather can understand.

He thanked the police for “difficult work and people who have respected the rules for over a year” since the pandemic began.

It comes on Wednesday as a Belgian court ordered the government to create a pandemic law within 30 days or face some abolition of its anti-COVID restrictions.

The court of first instance in Brussels issued an order in response to a complaint from the Belgian Human Rights League.

According to a statement, the Belgian government has appealed the decision, claiming that several other jurisdictions have green-lighted the action.

The court battle coincides with similar battles in the Netherlands and Germany, where anger over antivirus restrictions also landed in court.

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