Britney Spears court case: Justin Timberlake throws support behind star

Justin Timberlake publicly cast support behind his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears after the pop star broke silence in the 13-year power of attorney.

A flood of supportive messages to Britney Spears flooded social media after the singer finally publicly spoke in an astonishing 20-minute court statement about his father’s extreme control over her life today.

Among some posts from fellow stars, Former Justin Timberlake of Britney — Who At the center of recent repulsion Regarding how he treated her in the past – gave a long message of support.

“After seeing today, we should all be supporting Britney at this point,” the singer tweeted shortly after Britney’s court speech.

“No matter what our past, good or bad, and no matter how old it is … what’s happening to her isn’t right. Women are restricted from making decisions about their bodies. Should not be. “

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The previous * NSYNC Star social media statement continues as follows:

“During this time, Jess and I send Britney our love and absolute support. I hope the court and her family do this right and make her live the way she wants to live. “He concludes.

Justin and Britney’s highly advertised teen romance, First flowering at Disneys Mickey Mouse ClubEnded in 2002, Justin accused Britney of being unfaithful in a subsequent interview.Music video for his 2002 song cry Me a River He went on to feature the story he was pushing with a Britney look-alike who portrayed him having an affair.

For the last few months The following documentary about Britney’s injustice In the hands of tabloids, the way he was talking about her at the time, including revealing to the world that they were sleeping together in a morbid mass obsession with Britney’s virginity. Justin turned on.

In February, Justin apologized for his past actions, Many said it was too little and too late.

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Talking to the LA courtroom via an audio link today, Britney Some disturbing claims to her father And fellow restorers, including what she was done Forced to continue using contraceptives, And was forced to take medicine with lithium during her four-year stay in Las Vegas. When she asked to end the Las Vegas show, she said she was threatened by legal action.

With a complete transcript Published by variety, toxicity The singer likened her situation to sex trafficking, saying she was “trauma” due to the “abuse” she had endured.

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“When I hang up, all I hear suddenly is no, so I wish I could keep calling you forever,” the singer said in a devastating excerpt.

“No, no, and suddenly I felt united, bullied, left behind and lonely,” she told the judge.

“I’m tired of feeling lonely. I deserve the same rights as anyone with children and family,” she said.

Early in her testimony, she First introduced 13 years of protection in her mental health concerns Officially finished without evaluation.

“I really believe this power of attorney is abusive,” she said. “It is my wish and my dream to end this.”

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Britney’s sorrowful revelation, passionate activist, ex Charmed Star Rose McGowan posted a video message to 776,000 followers.

“This is a message to Britney Spears and other human beings dominated by greed and evil. Fight in Britney, we are with you, we are listening to you, we Is listening to you. I know the cost of control, and you have been controlled from scratch. “

She continued. “Fight, there is freedom on the other side. I pray that this judge will bring you back your life, and I have to rule for you to get your life back. It is cruelly angry that it does not become.

“Can you imagine what it looks like? Of course she’s angry. Right anger changes the world. Keep fighting, we’re with you.”

The powerful post was captioned as follows: “One woman’s victory is everyone’s victory. One person’s victory is everyone’s victory. Let’s do Freedom Ring! #FreeBritney”

Many other celebrities, including Brandy, Halsey, and Mariah Carey, also sent their wishes to the 39-year-olds, as Britney’s words dominate the headlines.

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Jamie Spears was allowed to manage her daughter’s personal and business issues under a court-ordered power of attorney in 2008 after the star was hospitalized amid concerns about her mental health.

For years, there was speculation about how Britney felt about the arrangement, and fans combed her. Unusual social media behavior for clues.

In her court speech today, Britney confirmed that despite her hilarious façade on Instagram, everything wasn’t what it looked like in a closed room. A constant guarantee that she is “healthy”..

by varietyShe said she was “the happiest ever” and “denied” when she shared her post over the past year.

Another court hearing on real estate accounting documents is scheduled for July 14.

Britney Spears court case: Justin Timberlake throws support behind star Source link Britney Spears court case: Justin Timberlake throws support behind star

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