British woman Mayra Zulfiqar shot dead, strangled in Pakistan

A woman who recently moved from England to Pakistan was shot dead and strangled by a suspect who broke into her apartment.

A British law graduate is allegedly shot dead in Pakistan after two men fought over her.

Mayra Zulfiqar, 26, was reportedly strangled after being shot by a suspect who invaded her apartment in Lahore yesterday.

Ms. Zulfiqar moved from the UK to Pakistan just two months ago, where she was a law student at Middlesex University and continued to work as a paralegal at the law firm Duncan Blackett.

According to local reports, she was renting an apartment with a friend in the defense area of ​​Lahore and was found dead next to the phone.

Preliminary postmortem examination revealed that the victim was strangled and shot-scars were also found on her body.

According to Lahore police, the suspect broke into the house and killed her.

A legal document filed by her uncle alleged that two friends of the victim tried to force her to marry, but she refused both.

According to the document, his niece also visited the house a few days before the incident and complained that two men were threatening and harassing her.

Lahore Police Station House Officer Kasim said the woman had traveled from England to Pakistan to attend the wedding, but did not return.

“The woman had a gunshot wound on her shoulder, but it will be clear after a post-mortem forensic report whether the cause of death was a gunshot wound or a strangled throat.”

Kasim said her uncle had filed a legal complaint with the police.

Two other men have also been investigated by police on suspicion of supporting the suspected murderer. Police have not arrested yet.

The crime scene has been blocked as it is being investigated by forensic experts.

This story was published by Sun Reproduced with permission.

British woman Mayra Zulfiqar shot dead, strangled in Pakistan Source link British woman Mayra Zulfiqar shot dead, strangled in Pakistan

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