Brisbane Olympics 2032: Annastacia Palaszczuk, John Coates press conference, opening ceremony, Tokyo

Australia responded to a mixture of distrust and anger in the way Anastasia Parasek was treated by a powerful compatriot in Tokyo.

Australia responded to an unusual moment between Queensland’s Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek and John Coates, many complaining of the “awkward” nature of a press conference in Tokyo.

Some went further and accused the Australian Olympic Committee boss of acting like a bully.

After Brisbane was announced as the host city for the 2032 Olympics, Coates gave Parasek the opening ceremony in Japan for her and other members of the bidding delegation, including Sir Adrian Schliner and Federal Sports Minister Richard Colbeck. He said he would go to.

President AOC’s instructions were issued after Ms. Paraschuk emphasized that she did not attend the opening ceremony due to the pandemic and instead saw it from the hotel room.

“You’re going to the opening ceremony,” Coates told Parasheck Wednesday night.

“There will be an opening and closing ceremony in 2032, and everyone there needs to understand the traditional part of the opening ceremony.

“No one of you is at home and isn’t going to sit in your room.”

The prime minister simply said, “I don’t want to offend anyone,” because he refused to accept or reject Mr. Coates’ instructions altogether.

Some thought the exchange was very valuable, but many were furious at how Mr. Coates spoke to Mr. Parashek.

Journalist Natalie Forest tweeted. “Wow … who do you think John Coates is?”

TV reporter and presenter Mary Gearin wrote: What a great way John Coates talks to the premiere! In fact, anyone in the covid era. “

Journalist Ellen Fanning added: I’m hiding in your room. ” It’s very extraordinary. “

James Marsdorf called it “painfully awkward,” and television personality Julia Zemiro said:

Even the Australian celebrity Magda Szubanski weighted it.

Triple J’s Shalailah Medhora said: It’s more than a warlike one. “

Former swimming Australian CEO Lee Russell was indignant. “I don’t like this, and yet another example of how women are treated in sports,” she wrote on Twitter.

“#AnastasiaPalaszczuk in Impossible Situations. Her Member-Don’t Go-Why Should You Have All the Fun When We Are In A Pandemic? Sports Bully-I You’re not in the club unless you come to drink expensive wine with us … After all, that’s the purpose of the sport, right? “

Journalist Jennifer Browning wrote that the exchange was “super wacky,” and Marty Silk wrote:

Ms. Paraschuk, who spoke on ABC Radio Thursday morning, said, “I’ll let them sort it out,” when she pressed again to attend the opening ceremony.

“John Coates was enacting the law last night,” she said. “We are now part of the IOC family and do what John Coates says.”

The prime minister later said she would attend.

Coates stood firm Thursday morning and told Sunrise on Channel 7 that he “rejected” after first telling Paraschuk that he wasn’t among the 1000 or so VIPs attending the opening ceremony. It was. Open to the public due to Covid-19 restrictions in the Japanese capital.

“Yes, I did that at a press conference last night (rejected the prime minister),” Coates said Thursday. “I don’t know how she reacted to being told’you go’.

“There are still opening and closing ceremonies using traditional parts in 2032. It is very important for all players participating in this to understand that it is a very large expense by the Organizing Committee. It takes a lot of consideration, such as the national parade, all the traditional parts, etc.

“Anyway, I’m sure they’re all three there. It doesn’t matter.”

Brisbane Olympics 2032: Annastacia Palaszczuk, John Coates press conference, opening ceremony, Tokyo Source link Brisbane Olympics 2032: Annastacia Palaszczuk, John Coates press conference, opening ceremony, Tokyo

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